Wondering How Artificial Lawns Can Look So Realistic? Here Is Why

When first introduced into the market during what seems like very many decades ago, artificial turf screamed “fake” from miles and miles away. What with that entire bright and shiny surface! Today, the difference is overwhelming and you can find artificial lawns that look just as great and real as the natural turf lawns.

So, what is it that goes into making your artificial lawn look not-so-artificial? Go here to look at our product range.

Blade color

As mentioned, the first artificial turf was fluorescent and too shiny. The grass that grows in your area may be shades of green apart from that which grows in another area. You can choose to collect samples of different colours from your supplier and check against the colour of your natural turf lawn. More likely than not, you will find an artificial lawn colour that replicates and matches exactly as that of your real lawn. There is a large selection of colours to choose from when it comes to synthetic turf, each just perfect for a specific yard or space.

Layer of thatch

Between the soil and real grass, you will find a layer of brown called thatch that helps in moisture retention and serves to insulate the soil. With a realistic shade of green, nothing gives your artificial lawn a more realistic look than a layer of fake that looks like the real deal. Everyone with a keen y will expect to see a few patches here and there and with artificial thatch, there are also different shades of color to choose from that blend perfectly with the different colors of artificial grass blades.

The artificial thatch also plays a crucial role in giving the blades more density. With the right density, your artificial lawn will have the same springy underfoot feel as real grass and can also support a significant amount of foot traffic.

Blade shape

The shape of the grass blades contributes greatly to the manner in which light bounces off or is reflected by the blades. A flat straight blade reflects light in a way that creates an overly shiny appearance that has become so consistent with artificial grass. Choosing curly blades that are shaped differently creates a more natural and realistic look as the blades reflect light in various directions as does natural turf.

Artificial lawn installation

Even after checking in all the above-mentioned boxes, an installation project with the right and most realistic artificial grass would end up as one big mess without the right competencies on the part of the installation team. Installers that have proved the worth of their workmanship such as the team at Metro Synthetic Turf have undergone the right training and have the relevant on-the-job experience to deliver an installation that will not fail on the realistic front.

At Metro Synthetic Turf, we have a large selection of premier quality synthetic grass to choose from that will a reality of your expectations for an artificial lawn that looks and feels as real as or even better than natural turf lawns. Reach us today for a free, no-obligation quote. Our friendly team will also respond accordingly to any enquiries you may have.

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