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How to Save Big with Cheap Artificial Turf

Want to update your landscaping in a way that saves you money year after year? Now you can! Find out how to save big with affordable artificial turf. Lawn care and landscaping maintenance is a big investment. It costs money to purchase a mower, invest in fertilization, and the tools necessary to weed and water […]

Top 3 Mistakes You Can Make Installing Artificial Turf Yourself

No matter who does the work, installing artificial turf is a lot of work. It’s an exacting process that involves many steps. A mistake at any point along the way, and you can kiss your long-term investment goodbye. Oh, your new lawn may look good for a while – after all, artificial grass is naturally […]

5 Reasons to Start Your DIY Artificial Grass Project Today

You’ve seen your neighbors laying artificial grass in their yards and you know about the benefits turf provides homeowners, but you’ve been hesitant to explore the option yourself. After all, it’s an expensive job and you need experts to carry out the job, right? Not necessarily. In fact, installing artificial grass is much easier and […]

Synthetic Grass Cost: DIY vs. Professional Installation

The benefits of synthetic grass are obvious — lower water usage, excellent drainage, and lower maintenance costs to name a few — but only if the job’s done right. Although installing synthetic grass is simple enough to do on your own, it can still be a complicated process. Similarly, hiring a professional artificial turf company […]

5 Key Things to Consider When It Comes to Artificial Turf Installation

A green, vibrant, and lovely lawn is attainable all year round — if, and only if, you have artificial turf on your property. With artificial grass, you receive several benefits. These include durability even in the toughest environment, water and energy conservation, and best of all, no more mowing and no more weed pulling. In […]