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Protect Your Lawn With Turf Guard Window Film

Are you worrying that your turf will suffer from burning this summer? In such case, you definitely need a Turf Guard Window Film. The product is made to protect your lawn from getting directly reflected sun rays, which causes brown patches and death of grass. If you have used sungard tint previously, you must already […]

Window Film for Turf vs. Window Reflection Killing Grass

There are a lot of reasons why more homeowners are installing artificial lawn turf instead of planting natural grass. In a lot of ways, it is easier to manage compared to the old fashioned natural grass in your yard. Artificial grass doesn’t need that much time and effort to maintain, not like natural grass that […]

What Is Turf Guard Window Film and Why You Need It

Planting and caring for natural grass at home can take a lot of your time and effort. Natural grass maintenance, especially during the hot summer season, is also expensive when the grass is often dry and dehydrated and needs watering once in a while. It is also the reason why the use of artificial grass […]

How to Choose Turf Guard Window Film Against Window Reflections

Having high-quality window film is enough to protect your home from the heat and glare of the sun especially during very hot weather. However, it can also cause some issues and problems that affect the artificial turf lawn that you carefully maintain. When you see discoloration and dark spots on your artificial turf, your energy […]

How Does Window Film Helps Protect Your Artificial Turf?

One of the common problems in the country when it comes to the artificial turf lawn people have at home is when portions of melted grass appear. It can be an eyesore on your rich and green turf lawn. This happens when there is intense heat being reflected into the turf. One of the primary […]

How the Window Film for Turf Can Help Improve Your Synthetic Lawn

Many people have switched to double-paned or Low-E windows because of how they reduce energy consumption. Once the sun hits a Low-E window, the glass coating that it uses reflects heat away. This way, your room will stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. However, this purpose can damage your synthetic lawn. […]