Anti Glare Window Film for Artificial Grass Will Save You Money

Window reflections created when sunlight bounces off highly reflective energy efficient windows can cause fake grass to melt, ruining the looks of your yard or the property of the business you own or manage. 

how to stop artificial grass from melting

But with a simple coating of Turf Guard Window Film those same energy efficient windows can remain as effective as ever at reducing interior heat but will also not serve to send all that rejected heat in a beam toward nearby fake turf.

Turf Guard Window Film will not block the view out through your windows. You will still be able to see out into your yard and enjoy the clean, crisp look of the lawn you created thanks to installing artificial turf. Window film to stop glare melting grass also won’t affect how well the energy efficient windows reduce interior glare and block damaging UV light and warming IR light.

anti glare window film for artificial turf

In most climates, anti glare window film that protects artificial grass against melting will last for multiple years and won’t lose its efficacy even during long, hot summers or long, cold winters. But if you ever want to remove (and replace) the Turf Guard Window Film, it can be peeled away without any lasting changes made to the underlying glass, a great feature for staging a home during re-sale or if you want to take the film off in a season where the sun reflections don’t put the fake grass at risk.

window film for turf

If you are wondering how long artificial turf grass lawns will last before they need replacement, then a better question might be asking how long a living grass lawn will live before you need to rip it out and re-sod the property or at least do a heavy re-seeding. While with immaculate care grass can live for many decades the fact is that most American households with living lawns need to replace the grass every 7 to 10 years fit they care about a healthy and vibrant looking green lawn.

Now compare that with artificial turf, which lasts at least 15 years on the low end and can still be looking great after 20 or even 25 years depending on use and, of course, how well it’s taken care of. Because the low maintenance of turf is among the many benefits of fake grass vs. real grass (no watering, mowing, weeding, fertilizing, pollen, bugs, and the list goes on on) fake grass does need some maintenance in order to ensure it lasts.

window film for artificial grass

Proper care of synthetic lawns starts with proper installation. Make sure you or your artificial turf installers take the time to dig out at least four inches of soil and fill the space in with four inches of road grade fill. Next make sure all seams of the rolled out turf line up and are properly taped. And finally make sure to us plenty of anchors (nails or large staples) to secure the grass and a proper and even spread of infill.

With properly installed artificial grass, maintenance is much easier.

First off, you still need to rake or blow off fake grass; leaves, branches, and brambles don’t care what kind of lawn they fall on, and they can make the property look shabby and can even break down into organic material in which a few errant weeds take root.

Next, you need to brush the blades back up straight a few times a year for low-us yards, and perhaps as often as every few weeks for heavy use fake grass; this will help the synthetic lawn maintain its “memory” of the blades being upright.

Then there’s cleaning: spills of chemicals, oil, pet urine, or even some foods can discolor fake grass if left untended. Clean spills promptly with water and a mild detergent as needed; pet urine should only need to be diluted with water.

And finally, make sure your fake grass isn’t ruined well before its time by preventing fake grass melting, a common cause of a ruined synthetic lawn.

stop turf melting

How can fake grass melt considering the melting point of even the lowest cost artificial grass is around 165º-plus degrees Fahrenheit? The answer is window reflections bouncing off energy efficient windows. These highly reflective windows can create beams of light of such concentration that the sunspots they shine down onto fake grass get well more than hot enough to melt the turf.

And once fake grass is melted, it cannot be restored or repaired, it must be ripped out and replaced. Too often this means ripping out huge swaths of fake turf to maintain a uniform lawn even if window glare melting fake grass only actually damaged a smaller area of the property.

So the best way to deal with window glare melting turf grass is to stop that damage before it can ever happen.

artificial turf window film to stop turf melting

Turf Guard Window Film is the easiest, most affordable, and most effective way to stop window reflections of energy efficient windows from melting fake grass. This Do It Yourself window film can be cut to fit any glass window or door and it sends sunlight scattering far and wide instead of letting it concentrate into those hot patches of glare that can scorch your prized synthetic lawn.

Turf Guard film is perforated by thousands of little holes that make it redirect sun glare far and wide, but it does not block your view through the window any more than a bug screen. And it won’t reduce the energy efficiency of your windows or counteract any privacy window tint or any other functions of the window or glass door.

And if you ever decide you want to remove the anti glare window film, perhaps as you stage the home for sale, it will peel away easily (despite lasting for years) leaving no trace it was ever in place.

stop glare on windows melting turf

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