The Melting Point of Artificial Grass (And How to Make Sure Your Turf Doesn’t Melt)

How Hot Does It Have to Be for Fake Grass to Melt?

As it turns out, it has to be pretty hot got fake grass to melt. Most artificial grass is made from polyethylene, nylon, or a blend of these and other synthetic materials, materials that on the whole can resist temperatures up to nearly 200º Fahrenheit before they will melt. So how can your artificial lawn be at risk for melting when it can withstand temperatures dozens of degrees hotter than those seen even on the hottest, sunniest summer day?

Just take a look at nearby windows to see the potential cause of melted fake grass.

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How Can Window Glare Melt Fake Turf Grass?

Standard glass windows let most of the sun’s light pass through into the home or business; that means most of the solar energy, also known simply as heat, enters the property, where it can cause warming, UV fading, and create bright glare. Energy efficient low-e windows are designed with a highly reflective exterior that rejects much of this solar energy, keeping the interior cooler (thus less need for A/C and hans, thus the energy efficient rating), less UV damage, and reduced glare.

But that sunlight that is bounced away from the house doesn’t just disappear, if has to go somewhere. And when a lot of sunlight is bounced in single concentrated patch, said patch of light (AKA solar energy, AKA heat) is a lot warmer than a regular patch of direct light. In fact, it can grow hot enough to, you guessed it, melt fake grass.

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How to Stop Window Reflections Melting the Artificial Grass

Fake grass is great stuff because it looks perfect for years without any need for m maintenance other than raking or blowing off debris. But when it is wilted and melted by sun glare off windows, fake grass is a total loss; it can’t grow back, so until you rip it out and replace it, your yard will look shabby.

To stop window glare melting fake grass, you can apply Turf Guard Window Film over the exterior of your windows. This textured window film sends sunlight scattering instead of letting it concentrate in one spot (or many damaging spots formed by many low-e windows) so your yard will be safe from damage.

And don’t worry, your energy efficient windows will still work the same, rejecting solar heat, UV light, and reducing the interior glare while still letting in some sunlight to brighten the home or place of business.

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Window Glare Can Burn Lawns

Fake grass is not the only ground cover at risk of damage from low-e window glare. Natural lawns can also be burned beyond repair, requiring sod or new soil and seeding, when hot window reflections are created by low-e windows. 

Window glare can also damage flowers, shrubs, gardens, and other plantings around your property, so protect the landscaping you love with Turf Guard Window Film if you have energy efficient windows in your home.

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Melted Vinyl Siding Caused by Window Reflections

Vinyl siding is one of the most common finishing materials used in home construction because it’s durable, versatile, and affordable. But you might end up paying for vinyl siding twice if your vinyl siding is melted by window reflections. As tough as it seems, vinyl siding actually has a lower melting point than fake grass; above about 165º, most vinyl siding will start to buckle and deform. If window glare hot spots falling on vinyl siding get much hotter than that, which they often will, the siding can warp so badly as to lose its ability to keep out water, it can fail as an insulating layer, and it can look terrible.

Stop window glare melting vinyl siding by sending the hot light spread far and wide with Turf Guard Window Film.

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