Throw the Ultimate Summer Barbecue by Following These Key Rules

Throw the Ultimate Summer Barbecue
by Following These Key Rules

Friends having a barbecue party in nature while having a blast

Spring is in the air, which means it’s the perfect time to start planning an epic summer barbecue! If you have a SYNLawn backyard, then you already know you have the best artificial grass Albuquerque has to offer. Now, you need the best party to go along with it! For a summer night your friends will remember forever, all you have to do is stick to a few key rules. Read on for tips that will leave guests talking about your barbecue all summer long!

Extend the Guest List

It’s time to widen your horizon. Say goodbye to that typical guest list and spice things up! Invite your close friends but push yourself to extend invites to new faces as well. Those fun coworkers, new neighbors or the parents of your child’s favorite classmate are the perfect candidates. Besides, new friendships never go out of style!

Create a Signature BBQ Move!

If you make a special dish or drink that leaves your friends raving, be sure to make it consistently and highlight it as a main event. Announcing that your famous wings or punch will make an appearance at the party will liven up your guests and almost guarantee an amazing turnout.

Keep Your Guests Cool!

You don’t need a pool to keep your guests cool! Have ice cold drinks on hand, some shade to lounge underneath and turf that doesn’t overheat. To keep the party going, you need to keep your guest comfortable! If you follow the key trifecta of summer time comfort, your guests are sure to have a blast.

Bring Out the Games!

A little competition never hurt anyone! Putting out a few fun yard games for guests to enjoy is another key rule to follow when throwing an epic barbecue. From Corn Hole to Can Jam and loads of other fun options to choose from, you can find a game that is perfect for you and your friends and guarantee you all have a total blast!

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help!

We often take on so much work when planning a summer get-together, we end up being too stressed to even enjoy the party we worked so hard on. Your guests are often much more willing to help then you might think! Ask everyone to bring their favorite dish, a few bags of chips or even some ice. This extra help may not seem like much, but when it is crunch time, you’ll be thanking your guests and yourself for the extra help!

Create the Perfect Ambiance

Create the perfect ambiance by remembering the five senses; sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch!


Don’t be afraid to go nuts with artsy lights or tiki torches! Our fire-resistant turf means you can enjoy a summer barbecue without fear of any accidental backyard blazes! Fun lights, tiki torches, fire pits or candles really add that extra something and create a vibe that will leave your guests reminiscing on your big night for months!


Grab a Bluetooth speaker and let the summer jams flow. Creating a public Spotify playlist ahead of time and giving your guests the option to add songs to it on the fly is a great way to let everyone feel included and to get everyone dancing.


Who doesn’t love the smell of delicious barbecue being prepared? Fight your inner urge to prepare things too far in advance. Have a few appetizers ready ahead of time but fire up the grill after a few guests arrive. The smell will leave their mouths watering!


Having food that drives guests’ taste buds wild is always a must. When the night is slowing down, whipping out a surprise desert is the perfect way to supercharge your party and get gets ready for round two! Plus, a sweet treat will leave them talking about your barbecue all summer long!


Tell your guests to kick their shoes off and enjoy the night barefoot. With the softest and most natural artificial turf in Albuquerque, a shoe-free night will be a hit at your barbecue. With countless designs and options to choose from, SYNLawn has the perfect turf for your backyard. Call for a free design consultation today!

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