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Does Artificial Grass Smell with Dogs?

Dog urine smell can be an issue with almost all softscapes and hardscapes used in landscaping. Natural grass lawns, bare dirt, concrete patios, paving stone walkways and artificial grass can all acquire an unpleasant aroma if they are regularly used as a restroom area by your dogs. There are two important factors in managing the […]

A Better Way to Manage the Coronavirus Curve

Our customers (landscapers, turf installers, supply stores) are some of the most impacted by the economic repercussions of the national response to COVID-19. As businesses shutter due to city-and-state-wide mandatory lock downs, homeowners and business owners must financially protect themselves in any way possible. As American manufacturers and leaders in the industry, we feel responsible […]

7 Unexpected Uses for Synthetic Grass

Terry Stricklin, SYNLawn Houston, OwnerFebruary 28, 2020Uncategorized How to Make the Most of Your Synthetic Lawn Synlawn Houston provides a variety of options for integrating our sustainable products into your home or business. Consider these options:   BioBased Collection – USDA Certified and recyclable.   X-Series Collection – a thicker feel of hearty grass.   SYNAugustine Collection – […]

Throw Unforgettable Parties on the Leading Artificial Turf in Dallas

While the best artificial grass for dogs definitely makes happier and healthier pooches, it also provides the ideal surface for their party-loving humans. Love hosting delicious brunches or summer grill parties for your friends and family? With synthetic grass, you can focus on enjoying the food and company without worrying about the state of your […]

Environmentally Friendly Artificial Grass With Plant-Based Soy Beans

Fossil Free & Me –How Plant-Based Artificial Grass Helps You and the Environment Environmentally friendly artificial grass (bio-based) is the latest addition to products working to lessen carbon emissions, and homeowners are loving this environmentally friendly addition to their yards. The fact that it requires practically no upkeep is just an added bonus when considering […]