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Is the Summer Heat Melting Your Turf Grass? Or Is It the Windows?

The Melting Point of Artificial Grass Most of the artificial turf grass that you can have installed today is hearty, durable stuff that is designed to look great for many years, standing up to the elements like heat, cold, rain, snow, and all the debris that will litter it and be removed from it over […]

How to Stop Window Glare Melting Artificial Grass with Window Film

Artificial turf, also known simply as fake grass, is a great ground cover solution for homeowners with all sorts of different properties. If you have a yard that gets too much shade for a natural lawn to grow and thrive in the sunlight, then fake grass can be a great alternative to the moss, clover, […]

How Can I Stop My Synthetic Grass Smelling of Dog Pee

    P-OFF Infill For Pets simply the best odor control for synthetic turf We all love our pets and want them to be able to enjoy our shared space but ammonia produced by pet urine, can cause your synthetic turf to smell. This has put some people off from installing artificial grass, All Seasons […]

Pet Odor Eliminator: How to Get Rid of Pet Odors?

We receive a lot of pet odor eliminator questions every day and one of our most popular requests is in regards to pet urine — how to get rid of the pet urine smell off of artificial grass, pavers, etc. of which we have provided a urine odor solution here. Another pet odor removal question […]

Does Artificial Grass Smell with Dogs?

Dog urine smell can be an issue with almost all softscapes and hardscapes used in landscaping. Natural grass lawns, bare dirt, concrete patios, paving stone walkways and artificial grass can all acquire an unpleasant aroma if they are regularly used as a restroom area by your dogs. There are two important factors in managing the […]

How To Remove Pet Odor / Urine Smell on Artificial Grass?

Do you have Artificial Grass, native landscapes, and hardscapes that your pets use for their bathroom? Well, there is good news. With the proper application of Urine Zero, your pet odors will be reduced or eliminated and not just masked over like many other products on the market. Urine Zero is a 10X professional strength […]

How to Get Rid of the Urine Smell From Artificial Grass?

The urine smell you are most likely referring to is ammonia which is a chemical compound composed of nitrogen and hydrogen (NH3). When organic matter like urine decomposes it can generate the toxic substance ammonia which produces the foul unpleasant odor you may smell in your yard where your pets go to the bathroom. Waste […]

Window Film for Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is one of the best additions you can make to your property. It looks great right away – you never have to worry if the seed took or not, and you don’t have to worry about the sod dying without taking root. There is no watering, so fertilizer needed, so drying out. Your […]