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Proposal To Install Synthetic Pitch At Jenner Park, Barry

A major makeover costing more than £350,000 of Jenner Park in Barry, South Wales is being planned which will ultimately result in the installation of a synthetic pitch. A feasibility study has been ordered into the proposal by the Vale of Glamorgan council leaders. There will also be consultation with local schools and sporting clubs […]

Benefits of Eco Alliance Synthetic Turf

Eco alliance waterless grass is being installed in stadiums where football teams and baseball teams play. Synthetic turf can be changed according to the sport event. This reduces lot of time. Synthetic turf can be used in swimming pool surroundings. It does not make the pool water dirty and is eco-friendly. The artificial turf will […]

Different types of Sports Pitches

Artificial turf is extremely long-lasting, maintenance-friendly, and can withstand extreme   weather conditions. Artificial turf, often referred to as Astroturf, is predominantly used for football and hockey. Sports pitches for football usually comprise a long pile carpet filled with sand and rubber granules to give the same performance and feel as that of natural turf. A […]

Multifunctional Sports Pitch

Artificial turf systems often referred to as Astroturf, have started gaining popularity as a viable alternative to natural grass surfaces. Many sports, including football, hockey, netball, and tennis are now being played on artificial sports surfaces, even at major tournament levels. The recent technological advances made in this field have led an artificial sports pitch […]

Outdoor Sports Surfaces: High in performance, low in maintenance

Artificial outdoor sports surfaces are becoming quite a trend at sports facilities – be it at club school or professional level. With international sports associations like FIFA and UEFA approving artificial sports pitches, the sports facilities – both big and small around the world are opting for artificial or synthetic surfaces for playing a wide […]

Artificial Football Pitch suitable for all weather conditions

Grass sports pitches were the popular and only pitches used until some decades ago.  They have been overtaken by artificial sports pitches. Artificial sports surfaces have become a popular choice for sports such as football, hockey, tennis, netball and are even used in athletics tracks and Multi Use Games Areas where a variety of sports […]

Artificial Outdoor Sports Facilities require lesser maintenance

Do you remember the frustration and anger when your favourite football or hockey match got cancelled due to muddy or frozen fields? This was a common phenomenon years ago as most of the outdoor sports were played on natural grass surfaces. It is a known fact that natural grass sports surfaces cannot withstand extreme weather […]

Synthetic Grass For Football

Synthetic grass is the ideal surface for high-performance sports and athletics such as football. When dealing with a sport in which there is high contact involved, performance surfaces are critical. There are several artificial turf products on the market today that are specifically designed for football. Several professional stadiums, high schools, and even local parks […]