Maintenance of All Weather Pitches

Please see our latest maintenance machine that can be used on artificial sports surfaces. This machine carries out a complete rejuvenation of an artificial sand-filled, sand-dressed or 3G (3rd Generation) surface. The specialist machine can be used on courts, multi-use games areas (MUGAs) & all weather pitches. More details below:

The rejuvenation process is completed by a specialist machine. The Verti-Top machine is purpose built to clean synthetic turf surfaces. The tractor mounted machine is powerful enough to remove all dirt and detritus while caring for your surface, the machine is adjusted via threads allowing precision adjustment.

The Verti-Top has a set of tines to break up any surface compaction as well as lift trapped fibres, a rotating paddle brush then lifts the top 2-15mm of infill from the surface. As the infill material is lifted it carries any dirt, detritus and dust out of the carpet, the collected material is placed on an agitating sieve which separates the clean infill from the foreign bodies.

The clean infill is returned to the surface while the lighter material is vacuumed off the sieve; all other material is collected at the rear or the sieve in collection hoppers. The Verti-Top has a brush on the rear to work the returned material into the surface while interchangeable sieves ensure the machine can work effectively in all weathers.

We advise for a rejuvenation visit to be done every 12months.

Please contact us for an estimate if you wish to have a rejuvenation carried out.


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