3 Warning Signs That a Glare from a Window Burns the Grass

Synthetic grass is the best alternative to natural grass. Unlike natural lawns, fake grass does not require excessive maintenance. Furthermore, it helps save water use because it doesn’t need irrigation.

It may seem like a perfect solution, especially for busy people as they have no time to take care of their lawns. Just like any product on the market, artificial grass has flaws. One of the biggest problems of this turf is that it can burn quickly. This unfortunate event occurs when you have a cooking machine or a Low-E window nearby.

Cooking machines like grills can burn your grass because it emits heat that can boost the temperature of the lawn. Meanwhile, Low-E windows create window glare. This glare from a window burns grass.

The question is – how do you know if the glare from a window starts burning your grass? Here are three warning signs that you should look for.

The Look of Your Shadow

To find out if the glare from your window burns grass, you need to look at your shadow. Stand in the area where the reflected light hits and look down to see your silhouette. A real shadow gives you a darker shade. This also means that the window reflection is not burning your grass. Meanwhile, a lighter profile indicates that the sun reflecting off your windows is the one to blame.

The Window Reflection

Another indication that the glare from a window burns your grass is when you see the reflected sunlight on the lawn. A healthy lawn does not absorb the sun’s reflection. This only happens when it starts to melt or burn.

If you find a window reflection that looks like a crescent moon, it means that the glass reflection is burning your grass.


This is the most visible sign of burnt artificial grass. Uneven colors begin to appear, making your property look unappealing.

How to Stop Window Reflection from Burning Your Fake Lawn

There are several ways to prevent this turf damage. Whatever method you choose, their purpose is the same which is to avoid reaching the melting point of artificial grass.

However, some solutions require too much money, time, and effort. If you want a solution that is affordable, efficient, and easy to install, then you should choose Turf Guard Window Film. Visit our website and find out how the glare from a window burns grass, and how to stop it with our products.

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