5 Easy Décor Tricks That Makes Your Turf POP!

Are you a proud owner of SYNLawn turf? It’s time to show it off. This summer, create a gorgeous space that compliments your Fresno artificial grass and leaves all the neighbors jealous!

Here are five easy, affordable and fun ways to highlight your turf:

Furniture that Pops

Instead of choosing outdoor furniture with a neutral tone, skip it and go for something bold and bright. After all – it is summer! Embrace gorgeous contrasting tones like fuchsias and yellows. It will bring out the deep green of your turf and highlight just how colorful your yard really is! Do you already have furniture? Grab some brightly colored pillows for the same affect. It’s an affordable option that will still leave your Fresno artificial turf looking great!

Green Foliage

When it comes to backyards, there’s no such thing as too much green! In fact, splurging on some of your favorite plants for your backyard can enhance the already natural look of SYNLawn turf, making it blend in with your foliage all together!  Next time you’re at your favorite home goods store, be sure to stop by the garden center and grab a few plants to spice up the feel of your backyard.

Fire Pit

You don’t have to install a firepit in your turf to light up a fire. Today, there are lots of above ground firepits that add a stylish flair and a cozy vibe to backyards. Pop it in between your bold patio furniture for a finishing touch that will leave guests curled up in your backyard all night long! Plus, the light of a fire gives everything a beautiful glow!

Patio Deck

Patio decks have gotten a huge makeover in recent years. From mini bars to built in seating and even outlets, there’s nothing you can’t find when it comes to a deck. Plus, a deck is the perfect counterpart to your new turf. The two compliment each other wonderfully and create the perfect set up for get togethers that will keep your friends coming back all season long!

String Lights

Twinkling lights are a backyard classic that will never go out of style. Hanging lights in your backyard creates the perfect ambiance for a late-night get together. Plus, lights are a fun and affordable option for anyone looking to light up their yard without taking up too much space.

This summer, show off your artificial grass. Choose Fresno’s number one turf provider – SYNLawn! Contact a professional today and see what artificial turf could do for your Fresno home!

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