5 innovative ideas to install artificial grass at home

Renovating your home allows you to express your personality in your own living space. A popular way to transform your home is to install artificial grass. There are different ways to create an artificial lawn and give your house a more natural and tropical vibe.

Here are the five most common surfaces to lay your artificial turf:

  1. Soil

The most obvious choice to create an artificial lawn is soil, be it replacing existing lawn or an area of the garden, as part of a play area, or as the ground for a large scale play set for your home or school. There are measure you need to put in place prior to, installing artificial grass on soil. You need to ensure that the soil is adequately leveled, an appropriate level of base is established and the drainage system also needs to be worked out to avoid any future issues.

  1. Cement

Artificial grass can also be installed on cemented surfaces like areas near the swimming pool or patios. The benefit of artificial grass is that it can be tailored to any size according to your needs. Artificial lawns should be able to handle the foot traffic. Therefore, it is essential to keep the foot traffic in mind before you install it. For example, use heavier grass for areas where children or pets spend most of their time.

  1. Brick

Some artificial turf suppliers may even recommend a bricked surface. Although a bit surprising, but this can also be easily done. Uneven surfaces are first smoothed by placing an base material such as weather board, render or ply. To hold the turf in place, adhesives can then be applied. A creative way to renovate your homes’ brick walkways is to add small sections of artificial grass on the boundaries.

  1. Wood

Wood surfaces are also ideal for installing artificial turf. To spruce up your home, you can consider installing artificial grass on wooden tables, benches, decks, patios, and landscape platforms. Very important step is ensuring that the surface is water-resistant. A waterproof barrier can be installed prior to laying the artificial turf to protect it from damage and mold.

  1. Plastic

Plastic is a fantastic medium to attach artificial turf. Any plastic surface like tables, benches, or platforms can provide a surface for artificial turf installation. You can create a unique look for your homes by attaching small pieces of artificial grass on such surfaces and bring the outdoors inside.

It brings a refreshing change to your home’s aesthetics. Plastic surfaces are convenient as they only require a simple adhesive for installing artificial grass.

Redesigning your home can be simple and often inexpensive. Many homes in Brisbane have achieved this by installing our artificial turf. Turf Green has customised solutions when it comes to artificial turf installation.

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