Artificial Grass, Better for You and Your Dog!

Muddy paws, urine stains, and dogs who like to dig can turn a natural grass garden into a massive inconvenience for dog owners. We’re often asked, “is artificial grass safe for dogs?”. The short answer is: yes, artificial grass is completely safe for dogs. In celebration of National Pet Month this April, we’re answering all the frequently asked questions we get about artificial grass from dog owners below:

Is Artificial Grass Toxic?

No, absolutely not. As we mentioned before, artificial grass is completely safe for dogs (and people!). In fact, artificial grass might actually be better for your dog’s overall health. Did you know dogs can suffer some of the same allergies as humans? This includes hay fever caused by grass pollens. Natural grass that’s been treated with weed killer or pesticides, or exposed to certain types of fertiliser, can even cause skin issues or respiratory problems in pets.

Artificial grass can also reduce the risk of your dog getting lungworm which is contracted by playing with/consuming slugs and snails, or by eating grass. Slugs and snails eat grass and lay their eggs in the soil. This makes artificial grass and unsuitable environment for them, meaning your dog is less likely to come into contact with these garden pests.

Can Dogs Dig Through Artificial Grass?

Don’t worry, whilst dogs love artificial grass they rarely dig in artificial grass gardens and even the largest of dogs would struggle to dig through synthetic turf. If you have a particularly persistent pup, we recommend our Champion brand of artificial grass which is specifically designed for pets, with a special polyurethane backing which is much more durable than products with latex backings. One of the biggest benefits of artificial turf is that it’s completely mud free. Meaning that you can let your dog out into the garden no matter what the weather.

How do I Clean Dog Mess off of Artificial Grass?

Cleaning dog mess off of artificial grass is arguably easier than cleaning it off of natural turf as there’s no danger of dog mess mixing with mud or damaging the grass. Simply pick up the solids using whichever method you normally would and then hose the area down. If you’re worried about bacteria, we recommend spraying the area with a simple vinegar solution before rinsing.

Will Dog Urine Stain Artificial Grass?

No! Never have to worry about unsightly yellow patches in your garden again. Artificial grass is very difficult to stain and regular hosing as and when you’re cleaning dog mess up will ensure there are never any issues with discolouration.

Have you decided that artificial grass is the perfect solution to garden troubles for you and your dog? Visit our shop and make sure to check out our most pet friendly products, Champion and Best in Show.

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