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Best Natural Lawn Substitutes For Your Landscape

Natural grass has its disadvantages. That is particularly true in areas prone to drought or under strict watering mandates. Homeowners who can’t have natural grass, for one reason or another, do have several other options in natural lawn substitutes. Homeowners don’t often think about natural lawn substitutes because most grow up with natural grass. Yet, […]

Planning an Outdoor Mother's Day Event

  OOPS. Did you forget that you’re hosting your extended family’s Mother’s Day celebration this year? Relax. The party may be just days away, but you’ve got this! Your backyard is the perfect location for this event, and it’s already looking its spring best. Thank heavens you switched to artificial grass lawn in the backyard […]

Inspired by the Superbloom? What You Can Do in Your Backyard

  The next time you hear the phrase “drought tolerant plants” and think of a dusty desert landscape, remember this spring’s superbloom. Wildflowers are native plants, so they are perfectly adapted to their habitat. They can get by just fine, and reproduce as often as necessary to keep their particular flower species going, even when […]

Getting Your Yard Ready for Spring

  Getting your yard ready for spring is a matter of priorities. For example, Sears published a blog article explaining how to prepare your lawn and yard for spring. Among their advice? “Apply fertilizer, pre-emergent and weed killer.” And, our favorite, “Mow early, mow often.” Are they kidding? Chemicals, chemicals, and more chemicals. Mowing, mowing, […]

Landscape Solutions To Create A Beautiful Lawn in Drought Areas

Those who live in drought-stricken areas long to keep a beautiful yard. Traditional yards with natural grass and trees are not conducive to areas prone to drought. Homeowners can take hope in the fact there are landscape solutions to the challenge. The main thing to remember when looking at landscaping solutions for your lawn is […]

Government Landscaping: 5 Ways to Save With Synthetic Turf

Governments on all levels state, local and federal, are in charge of operating a diverse array of taxpayer-funded organizations that use brick-and-mortar buildings. One hidden cost that comes with government buildings is government landscaping However, upkeep is a necessary bill because a well-groomed lawn reflects the entity’s professional image. The price of keeping up appearances […]

Synthetic Turf Playground at Morgan Falls Overlook Park Near Atlanta

April 12, 2019 Featured Application: Playground Turf Replacement at Morgan Falls Overlook Park in Sandy Springs, Georgia This week’s Featured Application comes to us from Bobby Baughn and his team at STI of Atlanta.  Baughn and his team replaced more than 10,000 square feet of turf at the playground at Morgan Falls Overlook Park in […]

Artificial Turf for Families – What You Should Know

Considering artificial turf for families? Homeowners should be sure they are fully informed about not only the product but also how the new grass will impact their lives. Before choosing synthetic grass for the home, homeowners should know all the facts to avoid the risk of choosing an inferior product that does not serve their […]

Can Artificial Grass Increase My Home’s Market Value In California?

Artificial grass is gaining new respect among many in the real estate industry because of its beauty, cost-effectiveness and water conservation. All of that leads indirectly to better resale values of homes. There is no direct link to installing artificial grass with higher resale values. However, most in the real estate industry agree it can […]