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Playground Safety: Preventing Injuries with Synthetic Grass

The Secret to Drastically Reducing Playground Accidents and increasing Playground Safety White Paper Download >> Teachers, educations and school administration officials are always looking for ways to make their playgrounds safer – after all; they are responsible for the well-being of students during school hours. Even with advancements in safety features for playground equipment, there […]

Learn How Synthetic Grass Make Playtime Safer On Playgrounds

Parents worry about their children and want them to be safe, even while they are playing in their own yard. Many are finding out that installing synthetic grass helps create a safer playground for their kids. Synthetic grass has been a top pick for playground developers in public parks for years. It’s low maintenance, looks […]

What Are the Benefits of Installing Artificial Turf on Your Roof or Deck?

Artificial turf is so versatile, you can “fake it” with lawn grass in many places most people wouldn’t even think about. Balconies and rooftops, for example. Or large decks and patios. Artificial grass doesn’t have any soil or lawn care requirements of natural grass, so you can put it virtually anywhere, even several stories above […]

Prepare Your Home & Garden for Winter

Synthetic grass is a great option in Fresno during the winter months. Special care is needed to properly maintain your home and garden during this time. There are so many colorful plant and décor options that are unique to the winter season. Let a synthetic grass installation from SYNLawn Fresno make your winter landscaping simple […]

Unique Landscaping Ideas For Synthetic Grass

Those who seek to revamp their landscaping sometimes find it hard to go beyond what they already know. Yet, there are a variety of creative options homeowners can do to dress up their yard and many of those include artificial synthetic grass. When people think of synthetic grass, they envision the whole yard being redone […]

Transform Your Tenant Rooftop Into a Low Maintenance Green Area

Tenants want amenities, inside their apartments and around the complex for communal use. As a property owner, you want to get maximum return on your investment. So consider this. Your rooftop is just sitting there doing nothing. It’s wasted space, really.  Yes, it protects the structure underneath from the elements, but it could be doing […]