DIY Advice: 5 Significant Reasons You Need to Use Sand Infill When Laying the Best Artificial Turf

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The best artificial turf is an amazing investment for both your lawn experience and property value. With some DIY skills, you can also reduce the installation expense by doing the project yourself. Yet one corner that you should never cut when laying turf is the infill selection.

You have several choices when it comes to infill types, and each one offers unique advantages depending on the purpose of your turf. For many homeowners, however, sand infill provides a great balance of affordability, durability, and other benefits.

Advantages of Sand Infill for DIY Turf Installation

Real grass stands upright because its roots anchor it into the soil. This is also what allows it to stay in shape even under foot traffic pressure. Infill fulfills the same purpose for the best artificial turf in San Jose. It gives synthetic grass its lifelike feel, look and absorbency.

The type of infill you choose should depend on how you plan to use your artificial lawn. For instance, rubber infill is a popular choice for athletic fields due to its shock-absorbing qualities. Sand provides the same shock-absorbent ability, but also offers other advantages that make it well-suited for residential projects. These benefits include:

The surface of an infill-less artificial lawn will quickly look flat and fake after a few months of use. Adding sand infill not only makes the turf look realistic, but it also allows the grass to retain its shape despite substantial amounts of activity. It will make your new lawn look lush and beautiful for many years.

Aside from making it vulnerable to damage, the lack of infill eventually leads to the formation of wrinkles and rolls on the turf’s surface. Sand infill prevents this by keeping the artificial grass and weed membrane securely in place.

Sand infill absorbs shock well, which reduces the risk of accidents. Aside from its ability to absorb pressure and deflect heat well, it also lets water drain through quickly. This makes sand infill a great option for those who plan to use the best artificial turf for kid’s play spaces, pet turf and similar purposes.

Aside from its ability to absorb shock, sand infill offers several qualities that help create safer lawns. For instance, high-quality infill is made from non-toxic, hypoallergenic materials. The sand infill also adds fire protection to artificial turf. It’s also eco-friendly, making it the perfect choice for green installations.

Sand infill allows you to lay down grass in contoured or uniquely shaped corners while preventing unwanted undulations on the surface. This means you can install artificial grass in more areas other than a flat lawn.

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