DIY Artificial Grass Installation

Artificial grass San Diego companies have seen a rise in the demand among residential homes in the last few years. It is difficult to deny the fact that fake grass requires minimal maintenance but stays lush and green all throughout the year. Although the cost of artificial grass could be quite high upfront, the long time value and savings it provides makes it a worthy investment. If you are interested in learning how to install artificial grass yourself, here are the basic steps in doing so:

Area Preparation

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Remove existing turf from the area where fake grass will be installed, making sure that roots and large rocks are removed. If there is an existing paving material on top, like concrete, it needs to be removed with the proper tools and equipment. After the base is clear, add an aggregate, like decomposed granite or class II road base, as a sturdy base for the fake turf and to help drain water effectively. Make sure the aggregate is leveled and compacted properly.

Lay Down Artificial Turf

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Lay the artificial grass San Diego material on top of the compacted aggregate base and cut off any excess. If several individual segments need to be placed to cover the whole area, glue or nail the seams together.

Secure the Fake Grass

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Nail the edges or borders onto the ground to keep it in place. You may need to add a layer of silica sand on top of the grass to weigh it down. Brush the grass to evenly distribute the sand and to make the grass a lot more natural-looking. You may also want to hose it with water to get rid of dust and dirt, and to check if the draining system works as it should.

Whether you are interested in backyard putting greens or artificial grass for dogs San Diego installations, it is still highly recommended to opt for a professional install rather than a DIY project. A licensed contractor would have the appropriate knowledge and know-how to make the installation more efficient, faster, and the results more effective and long-lasting.

The professional artificial grass cost may be a bit more than a DIY since it has to cover labor costs as well, but imagine how much of your precious time and energy are saved. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and wait for your artificial turf to be ready for use.

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