FIFA Quality Programme- Our Promise

The FIFA Quality Programme is a code of standards meant to grow the game of football across the world. The programme sets requirements for product specifications and ethical business practices so that players, clubs, and associations can be confident that the companies they work with are as dedicated to football as they are. FIFA has spent years working with top research teams across the world to protect players by identifying areas of improvement for safety and performance. In working with universities and sports organizations, the programme is able to use scientific insights to improve its regulations. By demanding compliance with the World Federation of Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI), FIFA can monitor each company’s adherence to corporate social responsibility on a yearly basis. WFSGI’s pledge to the FIFA Quality Programme establishes a continuous renewal of commitment to bettering the world through sound business practices.

Football is a community. The FIFA Quality Programme is expanding our world community through sport.

Act Global takes deep pride to be recognized by FIFA as a Quality Licensee. Engineering safer, more comfortable sports surfaces for athletes across the world is our top priority, and we applaud the effort by FIFA to raise the standard for synthetic turf surfaces. Act Global utilizes FIFA’s benchmarks in every step of our product manufacturing process- from development to production- to ensure that our artificial grass systems meet the highest internationally-set standards. We promise to continue to abide by these standards so that we can help improve our world through labor rights while developing the game of football.

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