ForeverLawn Issued Patent for K9Grass Flushing System

August 17, 2017 (North Canton, OH) – ForeverLawn, the leading synthetic turf company, announced the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issuance of a patent for their invention to enhance a superior synthetic grass system for dogs. The K9Grass Flushing System (KFS), covered by patent US 9,670,626, incorporates a unique synthetic turf called K9Grass, and combines it with a hidden cleaning and drying system that provides an ideal surface for dog boarding facilities, pet resorts, dog parks, kennels, veterinary facilities, and more. The invention allows for effective indoor use of K9Grass for dogs, and provides exceptional drainage and cleaning mechanisms for dog environments both indoors and out.Known for their commitment to innovation, quality, and integrity, ForeverLawn has installed the now-patented system in pet facilities across the world over the past 11 years. Developed by three brothers, Dale, Brian, and Ken Karmie, this revolutionary invention changed the way that dog spaces are created, by offering a surfacing system over solid, impermeable surfaces that is specifically designed to handle the unique needs of dogs.

“The K9Grass Flushing System is a turnkey solution unlike anything available in the pet industry—or the world,” said Ken Karmie. “We are extremely pleased that the patent office recognized the unique nature of this system, and granted ForeverLawn this patent.”

The KFS starts with the one-and-only K9Grass, a drainable, durable, infill-free synthetic grass product designed specifically for dogs. Invented by ForeverLawn in 2005, K9Grass was the first synthetic grass product created for dog use. Over six million square feet of K9Grass has been installed at dog facilities, dog parks, veterinary clinics, and private residences since, and its population continues to grow.

K9Grass has several unique features that make it ideal for dog environments. The knitted construction provides instantaneous edge-to-edge drainage at rates of up to 100 times that of typical turf. This is a significant advancement over common tufted artificial grass that can hinder drainage of dog urine and other liquids. The AlphaSan® antimicrobial technology built into the blades contributes to cleanliness and safety. Unlike common synthetic turf, K9Grass does not require infill, which makes cleaning the grass more effective, and prohibits pet waste from being trapped on the surface.

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ForeverLawn Issued Patent for K9Grass Flushing System

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