How to Clean-Up After a Party On Your Artificial Grass


party outside on artificial grass and how to clean-up after

Summer is backyard party time, and your artificial grass is bound to be the centerpiece for many of those good times. That’s great because fake grass is far more party-friendly than natural grass:

  • Always gorgeously green and inviting
  • Tough and resilient no matter how active your party-goers (or their dogs) are
  • Never soggy
  • Never slippery
  • No dead spots that look ugly and make a mess
  • No leftover clippings that stick to shoes and clothing and get tracked into the house

Oh, and let’s not forget the fact that you’ll hardly have to lift a finger preparing your artificial grass for the next event. Instead of lawn maintenance, you can be planning your menu, restocking your outdoor kitchen, or (let’s be honest here) taking a few laps in the pool or getting in some more practice strokes on your backyard putting green. It’s always play-ready, too. But we digress.

Post-party cleanup is inevitable

All parties have one thing in common: once all your guests have gone home, you are left to clean up. It’s just part of being the host. Once again you can thank your artificial grass for making the process easy.

  • Litter? Just pick it up. (How did your guests generate so much trash, anyway? Good thing garbage pickup is tomorrow!)
  • Sticky spills? From pop and ice cream to finger paint, just rinse it away. Fake grass drains faster and better than natural grass, and it dries quickly. Good as new. And no worries about stains.
  • Finally, give it a little fluff – if that’s even necessary. Natural grass doesn’t handle trampling well, and it can take days to recover. But artificial grass is made of sterner stuff. It can withstand significant heavy traffic without losing its fluffy appearance. On the other hand, if there’s a somewhat flattened spot where the kiddie pool sat for a few days after the party, brushing the area with a stiff-bristle brush will restore it to previously pristine condition.

But what if cleaning up reveals a problem with your grass that needs extra attention?

We’re always here to help

Things happen. Uncle Sam dropped his cigar, or a hot ember escaped from your fire pit, and it melted a spot. Or you notice a corner of the turf has become loose. (How on Earth did that happen, anyway?!) If your grass suffers a little damage, give us a call. Our Heavenly Greens grass pros can patch that melty burned spot or retighten that loose edge, and you’ll be back in the backyard party business in no time.

And, since we love to assist in every way we can, we also recommend that, before your next event gets underway, you review our list of simple rules for partying on and around artificial grass. Keeping these dos and don’ts in mind will help you plan a party that maximizes fun and protects your investment at the same time. Key points?

  • No smoking on the grass.
  • No grilling on the grass or near the edge.
  • A screen cover for your fire pit (also essential to prevent embers from sparking a house or wildfire!)
  • No spikes, tent stakes, etc. in the grass. (On the other hand, Cousin Myra’s Jimmy Choos with those amazing spike heels? We can’t imagine why she would want to wear them on the grass, but it’s OK if she does.)

The best part of cleaning up after a party on your artificial grass is that it won’t take long at all. Minimal effort, no strain. You and your lawn are ready to take on the next backyard event.

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