How to Get Rid of the Urine Smell From Artificial Grass?

The urine smell you are most likely referring to is ammonia which is a chemical compound composed of nitrogen and hydrogen (NH3). When organic matter like urine decomposes it can generate the toxic substance ammonia which produces the foul unpleasant odor you may smell in your yard where your pets go to the bathroom.

Waste (i.e. urine, feces, etc.) from humans and animals is abundant in nitrogen and as it breaks down, the nitrogen is converted to ammonia(a colorless gas) which gives off the pungent odor.

If we can remove nitrogen from the equation, then we can effectively eliminate the awful ammonia smell.

This is where Urine Zero can disrupt this equation and save the day or should we say, save your nose.

Nitrogen is essential for all living things and since Urine Zero contains live microbes (the 100% safe kind) then it also needs nitrogen to survive. Since ammonia is comprised of nitrogen + hydrogen, then when we introduce Urine Zero to the urine, it will immediately begin consuming the nitrogen in the ammonia until its food source is completely gone which means the odor is completely gone leaving you with a yard or living space you can enjoy again.

how to remove urine odor

There are quite a few products on the market that claim to handle pet urine odor (a.k.a. the ammonia smell), however, keep in mind that not all microbial strains are capable of effectively tackling ammonia the same way. Urine Zero was developed by microbiologists who specifically engineered the product to zero in and target ammonia and the associated potent odors.

We wanted to put Urine Zero to the test so we conducted various in-house studies to showcase how well Urine Zero makes effective use of ammonia. Urine Zero will exponentially multiply in the presence of its food supply. As long as there is food to consume the microbes will greatly increase in quantity until their food source is depleted.

In the first test (as seen below) we wanted to simply showcase the introduction of ammonia and display the rapid growth of the microbes, which means Urine Zero is multiplying to consume all the ammonia.

how to remove urine odor

The second test (as seen below) was in relation to three of the top competitors who claim that their products also eliminate pet urine odor. We wanted to see a side by side comparison when we introduced ammonia to all three competitors. Again, the winner will be the microbes that demonstrate the most action/growth. Meaning, they are able to utilize the ammonia the best where their growth rate is exponential due to the fact that they are consuming the ammonia the fastest and most effectively. As you can see the competition’s microbial growth is capped around 12% whereas Urine Zero was north of 40%.

the best urine odor removal products

The bottom line is that you cannot assume that all microbial strains are created equal because the reality is that they aren’t. Just because another product states that they have microbes that consume odor doesn’t necessarily mean that can and will do so effectively. By effectively we are referring to solving your odor problem. Feel free to conduct your own tests and see for yourself.

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