How to Run in Your Own Garden Marathon 

Among the festivals and social events, many sporting events have been postponed or cancelled. One that has been postponed is The London Marathon which was due to take place in April and now will be taking place in October. If you are like many that have been training day in, day out to prepare for this event then don’t give up just yet. We have come up with the perfect solution!

This is the second post with the blog “How to Bring the Big Events to Your Back Garden” series and it all about The London Marathon. So put on your trainers and follow these steps to bring it alive in your back garden! 

back gardenGet Measuring 

To achieve the mammoth distance that is completed in a marathon, you will need to do some maths. The distance you need to complete to be able to call it a marathon is 42195m. That’s a lot of meters! You will need to work out how many laps that is and for this you may need to get out the tape measurer and start measuring your garden. Once you have all the widths and lengths, add them all together to get the perimeter and then divide 42195 by your total. This will give you the total laps of your garden you need to complete to call your race a marathon.

42195/Perimeter = Total Laps

Don’t forget this is in meters, so make sure all your measurements are in meters also!

Pick Your Marathon Number

All good racers wear numbers, why should you be any different! You can choose any number you like, decorated however you want and wear it with pride. Get everyone involved in the race to do the same and then you back garden marathon will look more official.

marathon numberMake a Finish Line

The end of the race is the pinnacle moment where all that hard work and effort is rewarded and it should be done in style. To complete your back garden marathon you need to create a finish line which you can run through to mark the achievement you have just completed. This is where you can get creative and recreate any famous finish line crossing you want. Whether you use papers, ribbon or even toilet roll (if you have enough!) you can have that perfect finish and celebrate in style!

Make a Medal 

What is a race without a medal? All marathons give out a medal at the end which you can keep and look back at. We understand times might be hard and you may not have spare medal lying around however, this is the perfect opportunity to get arty and make one! Whether this is a task you complete yourself or you let your kids do it, make sure the result is INCREDIBLE. After all, you will be looking back at this for many years to come.

Let the Marathon Begin!

All that is left is to race. Get your trainers on, do your stretches and make sure you have enough water. Who knows, your neighbours may be cheering you on from their gardens!

start the marathonYou can get anyone in your house to join in as it doesn’t have to be a marathon, any sort of race will do. It’s perfect to promote exercise and get everyone out in the fresh air.

Don’t forget to stay tuned to for more upcoming blogs to see what other ideas we have come up with that could be perfect for you, your family and the fantastic great outdoors. Also, don’t forget to share your marathon online with us, we would love to see them. Tag Cheshire Artificial Grass and #CAGquaranteam on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! 

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