Is AstroTurf a Better Investment?

The technology for artificial grass has come a long way and it is much softer and natural feeling than the concrete-like feel of turf in the past.  When you place AstroTurf in your batting cages, indoor facility or home plate area, you will instantly see the difference.

Reasons to Reconsider Artificial Grass

Take a look at these improvements and benefits today’s highly-improved artificial turf can offer your facility, such as:

  • Protecting batted balls. When battled balls are struck against concrete, it can damage them. By using turf in your batting cages or home plate area, you can protect the balls from damage that would otherwise occur when they strike the concrete surface.
  • It is a maintenance-free solution. AstroTurf is virtually maintenance-free and offers perfect grass-like finishes to batting cages and indoor facilities. Also, it does not require watering, thus making it perfect for indoor practices.
  • Your facility is more professional looking. Whether you have a local facility or you are running a high-level program, the use of artificial turf makes your facility more professional looking – especially indoors.
  • It is environmentally friendly too. If your facility is looking for a way to contribute to the sustainability of the planet or you just want to save on water usage, this type of turf is by far one of the more environmentally friendly options. Even if you only use it in small areas, it reduces the amount of seed, chemical and water required to maintain the appearance of your field.
  • No more muddy, soggy home plates. After a rain storm, the home plate area can become soggy and muddy, making practice difficult. With turf mats, you roll them up before the storm and put them back out after; no soggy areas to worry about.

Whether you are looking to save on costs or you just want a more professional-looking field, AstroTurf is definitely something to consider for this year’s field improvements. Without having to spend too much, you can invest in a high quality surface that will protect your home plate, batting cage, balls and even your players. You can choose the non-padded type that comes in a minimum 12ft length and a 22oz turf pile or the padded variety which also comes in a minimum 12ft length but with a greater turf pile up to 40oz. If you want to secure it permanently in place, you can also buy good quality outdoor glue.      

Source by Brian Richardson


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