Most Common Ways People Damage Artificial Turf And How To Avoid Them


Most Common Ways People Damage Artificial Turf And How To Avoid Them @heavenlygreensArtificial turf is extremely durable. It will hold up beautifully for years and years, under almost any circumstances – especially if you choose a style of grass specifically designed for the use you have in mind. Nonetheless, there are a few things that can damage artificial grass. To protect your investment, you’ll want to know what dangers exist, so you can protect it from accidental damage.

Extreme Heat

Artificial grass is made from various types of plastic polymers. It can’t flame up and burn in the traditional sense, but it can melt when exposed to very high heat. It is important to surround your outdoor grill and fire pit with a hardscape apron, or locate these amenities where they cannot accidentally burn your turf. Hot coals can pop and crackle, sending embers flying onto your artificial grass.

Hot ashes from cigarettes or cigars and sparks from fireworks can also damage your grass. In some cases, highly-focused sunlight reflected from a window can also cause a burn. Damage is usually confined to the tiny spot where the spark or ember landed, but it is possible for the turf’s connecting threads to radiate heat and melt fibers farther outward.


Artificial grass is easy to clean. However, caustic chemicals such as those found in many petroleum-based products can literally dissolve the grass blades. Oil-based paints can soak deep into the bottom layers of the turf, making it almost impossible to remove. While acrylic and water-based paints can be rinsed away before they dry, if you don’t catch spills right away, the paint can be tough to remove once it has dried. If you are painting a fence near your grass, it’s smart to use a drop cloth just as you would inside the house.

Polyethylene fibers can absorb some types of oil, causing permanent discoloration. Even using a strong soap, it may not be possible to entirely remove oil residue from artificial grass. Remember, too, that oils used in tiki torches are flammable, so they also pose a potential fire hazard if spilled onto your fake grass. It’s best to refill torches and use paints well away from your grass.

Sharp Objects

Kitchen knives and sharp-edged garden tools can cut through materials used in the construction of artificial grass. This type of damage is difficult and costly to repair. If you’re prepping food or cooking, work away from the lawn, or be extra careful not to drop your implements. When gardening, set tools down gently, or set them on a towel or tarp to protect the grass.

And never jab anything sharp into the lawn. There are alternative methods for anchoring holiday decorations, lawn-based games and so on.

Even Artificial Grass Isn’t Perfect

There are so many excellent reasons to choose artificial grass for your home or recreational area. Fake grass is super-tough and requires almost no regular maintenance. Nonetheless, no matter how durable a material is, there will always be something that can damage it. The key to assuring a long life and superior performance is to learn what could cause damage and take steps to prevent those things from happening.

One thing to keep in mind is that guests who visit your home or recreational area may not be aware of how their actions could damage your artificial grass. A “word to the wise” as they arrive should do the trick, saving your grass from potential injury and saving your guests from potential embarrassment. 


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