Putting Green Fun for the Family Without Leaving Home

Installing an artificial grass putting green in your backyard will have a bigger positive impact on your family than you might think.

Having a backyard putting green not only makes dreams come true for some, but it also makes access to daily practice extremely convenient for any golf enthusiast. Legendary golfers like Tom Watson know that practice makes perfect which is why he practices on his own SYNLawn Golf putting green in his backyard. But, don’t think practicing at home is just for the avid golfer or pro. You and your entire family, especially the little ones, can benefit from having a backyard putting green more than you might think.

Playing Games Outdoors

These days kids are surrounded by smartphones, tablets and game consoles, so it’s not always easy to get them interested in non-electronic games. But, having a synthetic putting green in your backyard is a great way to get everyone outdoors and involved in a little friendly competition without the hassle and expense of taking everyone to the local mini golf course. They’ll be able to exert energy while playing safely right there in your backyard. Even if your kids don’t have the focus or patience to putt into a regular hole, adding fun, colorful obstacles like My mini Golf to your putting green may help them to zero in on the task at hand. “When the kids put together a [My mini Golf] course, they put all the obstacles close together like Legos, and they try to make it work with physics, so it’s really cool to watch,” said Mary Anne Penton, sales and marketing for Starting Time Golf. Whether or not you add the portable obstacles, you’ll be able to get the entire family out on your putting green, including the kids, parents and even grandparents. Who knows, maybe your little one will become the next golf pro!

  • image of family practicing on putting green

  • image of sisters playing my mini golf in their backyard

(Left) Parents can spend quality time with their kids outdoors on their backyard putting green. (Right) These sisters put together a fun obstacle course in their backyard in Clovis, Calif., using My mini Golf.

Creating Social Activities

While you might take your new green very seriously and be focused on taking strokes off your game, you can also turn your artificial grass putting green into a social activity that’s fun for those of all ages. Take your backyard event one step further by adding decorations to your golf course and inviting friends or neighborhood kids over for a themed putting party. It’s also a great idea for putting contests at kids birthday parties, family gatherings and block parties too! Add some night lighting, and you’ve got a great nighttime hangout for friends or family.

Teaching Important Skills at an Early Age

Some say the game of golf mimics life since players experience the highs and lows of the game, and as they come away with important lessons learned, it can help them become successful both in life and at school. The First Tee knows this firsthand since their mission is to help kids and teens learn important golf skills and life lessons through their programs. At SYNLawn, we’re proud to be a sponsor and support the efforts of this program that focuses on getting kids into golf at a young age. Whether you teach your child one-on-one in the comforts of your backyard or sign them up for a program like The First Tee, they’ll learn about respect, confidence and sportsmanship. Practicing their short-game golf can also teach them how to control their emotions, communicate with others and even set goals.

  • image of family playing on synlawn golf putting green

  • image of dad and toddler playing on their backyard putting green

(Left) This family is having some outdoor fun playing golf at their home in Vancouver Island, B.C. (Right) The toddler’s dad is able to help him with his short game at such a young age since they have a SYNLawn Golf putting green in their backyard.

If you’d like to have more fun with your family and friends with golf at home, then contact your local SYNLawn Golf distributor to learn more about our custom artificial grass putting greens.

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