Top 6 Causes of Backyard Fires: Keep Your Turf Safe!

If there’s one thing every Californian can agree on, it’s the importance of fire safety. That’s why SYNLawn’s synthetic, artificial grass is Fresno’s most trusted source of backyard turf! Summer nights are fun, but it doesn’t take much to turn a quiet evening into a horrific disaster. Read on to learn the most common causes of backyard fires:

Fire Pits 

When the temperatures warm up, Fresno residents curl up with friends around a relaxing firepit. Whether you’re spending a night on the beach with the sand between your toes or enjoying a peaceful evening on your patio, an open flame is an open flame and a fire pit is one of the most dangerous sources. It’s important to never leave your fire pit unattended.

Careless Smoking 

The party is lively. Friends are catching up. Laughter fills your backyard. In fun events like backyard barbecues or parties, it’s easy to let your guard down. A simple slip up can spell disaster. Careless smoking is one of the biggest causes of accidental fires. Not fully putting cigarettes or cigars out can easily send your backyard up in flames causing serious damage.


No matter the reason you light a candle, whether it be for the smell, the ambiance or to ward off pesky bugs, a candle can easily go very wrong. One wrong move can make for one big accident. Think twice before bringing a candle into your backyard haven.

Tiki Torches

Although they can be the cherry on top of your festive summer barbecue, tiki torches are dangerous. Their tall, delicate framing means they can easily be knocked over. Frequently they are made from bamboo, which is also highly flammable. A drop or two of leaking torch fluid can set the entire structure on fire.

Barbecue Grills 

Everyone knows there’s no barbecue without a grill! However fun summer grilling may be, it doesn’t make the activity any less dangerous. Did you know that countless homeowners suffer home damage from a grill fire every year? Take the time to read up on proper grill safety to ensure an accident-free grilling season!


We only buy fireworks a few days a year and there’s a good reason for it! No matter how cute and fun, a sparkler is still a firework and every bit as dangerous. Before busting out the sparklers, make sure you lay out the rules for guests and a bucket of water on hand to safely extinguish the stems. You can still have fun with sparklers while being safe!

If your turf does have a run-in with an open flame, it’s better to be safe than sorry. SYNLawn’s turf is fire resistant! Coming in contact with fire may melt the turf, but the fire will not spread, and the burn will be controlled. In the case that your turf is ever damaged, contact the pros to come out and repair the patch in record time. Call us Contact SYNLawn for a free quote for your outdoor space today!

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