What Makes Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass Safe and Beneficial?

So, you have pets and want to create a yard they’ll love? Today, we’re exploring what makes pet-friendly artificial grass.
If you have pets, you can imagine the benefits of pet-friendly artificial grass.

But what makes artificial grass pet-friendly anyway?

A great deal of work must go into making our furry friends happy and healthy. Dogs need to go outside frequently, and this can cause wear and tear on a natural lawn, which ultimately makes more work for the homeowner. Artificial grass is, however, more pet-friendly because it makes clean-up easier, and actually proves to be healthier for your pet.

Certain types of artificial turf are more pet-friendly than others, and if your lawn will be utilized by your pets frequently, there are a few qualities you’ll want to look for in your artificial turf to ensure you get the best product for your lawn – and your pets.

Why Use Artificial Turf for Lawns with Pets

Before delving into the particular types of turf out there that are particularly pet-friendly, it’s helpful to consider why artificial grass is so helpful for lawns with pets. Namely, it comes down to health, convenience, and cleanliness:

  • Artificial turf is incredibly low maintenance and won’t require constant upkeep. Dogs use your yard as their bathroom and play area, so the natural grass is bound to show the effects of such use with unsightly brown patches and worn areas. Artificial turf drains fluids without staining, and won’t be susceptible to the digging habits of dogs
  • Artificial turf is also healthier –for both pets and humans. Pets run the risk of walking in harmful chemicals like weed killer and fertilizer, which can make them sick or even be fatal. There is no worry of pets coming in contact with harmful chemicals with an artificial grass lawn because artificial grass simply does not need these chemicals to be both beautiful and functional
  • There will be significantly less mess with a yard of artificial turf. When it is exceptionally dry, worn over yards can become dusty, and when it’s very rainy, natural lawns can become wet and muddy. Pets will inevitably pick up this dirt, bringing dust or mud into the home. Artificial turf will drain all moisture, preventing pets from bringing a mess inside
  • Artificial turf won’t be home to pests like fleas, ticks, or chiggers. So when your pet decides to bask in the sun for awhile or roll around in the grass, artificial turf eliminates the risk of your pet picking up unwanted bugs that can cause health problems and discomfort

Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass

The question of what makes pet-friendly artificial grass can be easily answered by considering what qualities make grass care with pets easier, and what brands of grass have these particular qualities.

There are three qualities that make artificial turf especially “pet-friendly”:

  1. Short pile height: Pile height describes the length of the blades of artificial turf. Naturally, when the length of the blades is shorter, pet messes will be easier to clean up. A brand that has a uniquely short pile height is California Gold Artificial Grass. The length of the blades is a convenient 1.25 inches. Further, this brand offers exceptional drainage, which is a great benefit to a yard that will frequently see pet messes
  2. Cost-effectiveness: It’s important to consider your budget when looking for grass to use in a yard with pets. You may want to consider using a recycled, inexpensive type of grass for areas that pets will frequent while using a more lush, aesthetically pleasing grass for landscaped areas where appearance is more important than functionality. Recycled Artificial Turf is an excellent choice if you decide to go this route because it is not only cheaper to use in an area that will take a beating, but it is sturdy enough for high-traffic areas and can be installed in a variety of pile heights
  3. Durability: Pets are bound to inflict a great deal of traffic on a lawn, be it artificial or natural grass. The daily wear and tear of frequent running, walking, and the many messes they’ll make requires a grass that is in it for the long haul. So, an artificial turf that is particularly durable and able to withstand high-traffic without sacrificing quality is considered pet-friendly. Evergreen Artificial Grass is an excellent choice when it comes to enhanced durability. This grass has polypropylene fibers in its thatch, making it more dense and stiff than other brands, the dense thatch under the fibers makes it especially durable for extra wear and tear.

There are many options when it comes to deciding what artificial grass is best for pets. But generally, pet-friendly artificial grass has a short pile height, is cost-effective, drains well, and is able to endure high amounts of traffic and use.


Enhance Your Pet’s Experience

Artificial turf will bring reliable beauty, durability, and safety to your backyard. But there are many other ways to add fun and engaging features to your backyard that will keep your pets occupied and intrigued:

  • Fountains or small ponds for wading and drinking are great for dogs that enjoy water
  • Add paths through trees or bushes for your furry friends to explore
  • Use a dog house to provide a place for shade and security
  • If your yard is fenced in, add fence windows to give your dog the opportunity to watch what’s going on outside his or her yard

In Conclusion

Artificial turf makes the life of a pet owner a little easier, and it also makes for a safer and healthier environment for pets.

The key qualities that make artificial grass pet-friendly are a short pile height to enable easy clean up, cost-effectiveness so as to use resources wisely, and durability, so your grass maintains its stunning look even under heavy use.

A yard consisting of artificial turf is sure to please your pet, and also provide a safe and engaging area for him or her to play and explore.

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