When To Consider Replacing Your Artificial Lawn 

New year, new things. If this is something that you believe in, then this beginning of the year is as good a time as any to consider replacing your artificial lawn.

No doubt about it, synthetic grass truly is very durable, and if yours is the premier-quality type and you put in some effort towards proper maintenance, it will be a long time before you have to consider a replacement. With proper care, your artificial lawn can last well past its warranty, and in the upwards of 15-20 years.

You may want to consider replacing your artificial lawn for a number of varied reasons, including, but not limited, to the following.

  1.     The Signs Of Wear Are Glaring At You

Even the best of artificial grass will not last forever. With time, the signs of wear and tear will start to show, and your lawn may not look it’s best.

One of the first signs you may not be able to ignore is when the seams and the inlays become loose. Glue holds the seams and inlays in place, and when that stops being the case, then it is time for a replacement. The sooner you can replace your turf, the better for everyone’s safety since it’s easy to trip and fall on turf with loose inlays and seams.

Again, if your turf has faded and looks wilted, then you should consider a replacement. Most of the synthetic grass varieties in the market today have in-built UV-blocking characteristics and can resist fading for a very long time. That said, over time, the harsh sun may take its toll on your turf. It’s definitely time for new turf when your old one loses that vibrant colour that once made it stand out.

  1.     Irreparable Damage

A professional artificial grass installer can do a great job of repairing your synthetic lawn. However, there are instances when repair may no longer be the most viable option or an option at all.

Think of if your turf melts down and gets charred courtesy of some stray flames from you’re a fire pit or BBQ set up too close to the artificial lawn. The damage from such an incident may be too much, such that patching up the grass may be too difficult a task.

Even where repair is an option, it may be challenging to match the shade of your artificial grass perfectly. It may also be that the repair process would be too time-consuming.

Still on damage, your turf may become discolored and have a bad odour if you neglect the best practices when dealing with pet urine. It may also be that your turf was not specially designed for pets. Either way, you will want to consider replacing your turf with a pet-friendly one and get rid of the smelly unsightly lawn you have.

  1.       Time For An Upgrade

Are you looking for something that looks more realistic? Are you keen on investing in artificial grass that is more durable? You can always get a replacement even if your artificial grass is still relatively new and looks good.

A replacement is, without a doubt, in order, if you are remodeling or changing up things with your landscaping. There are so many synthetic grass varieties to choose from, coming in different shades of green and styles to match with your specific landscaping plan.

You are always free to upgrade at any time if you have the money for it. If you are considering putting up your property in the market, then you want it looking its best, and an upgrade on your artificial lawn will undoubtedly increase your property value. A great-looking artificial lawn will be an instant eye-catcher to prospective property buyers. That an artificial lawn is very low-maintenance is a key selling feature that will fetch you a good price for your property.

Final Thoughts

As highlighted, you may want to consider replacing your existing artificial lawn if it is old and worn out or damaged. Whether or not you are listing your property, any time is a good time to upgrade your artificial lawn.

As you consider replacing your artificial lawn, you want to make sure that you get the best value for your money and a good return on your investment. Take the time to look at the specific characteristics of the different grass varieties as you shop around. It’s also crucial that you ensure that you get the new lawn installed by a professional with the expertise and the experience for the job.

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