Why Synthetic Grass is a Great Choice for Events

Synthetic grass is becoming increasingly popular amongst residents. It’s lifelike appearance, less maintenance requirements, and reduced environmental impact makes synthetic grass a worthy product for homeowners. However, synthetic grasses are also making an appearance in other places such as festivals and major events. Event companies constantly opt for fake grass installation in Sydney. Wondering why? Read on to find out:


As mentioned earlier, artificial or synthetic grass are environmentally friendly. Here’s how:

  • Eliminates the use of fertilisers or pesticides: Thousands of people come together at events. When maintaining natural grass, chemicals are used to protect them from damage caused by pests. Such chemicals would have direct contact with people, which may lead to problems for them such as allergies, rash, and more.
  • Saves Water: When events are held in areas that are affected by drought, use of synthetic grass is ideal. Natural grass has to be watered quite often, hence event companies prefer contacting synthetic grass installers in Sydney and have artificial grass to prevent excess water usage.
  • Other: Artificial grass do not contribute to pollution. As they are made of recyclable materials, there’s no waste disposal necessary. Synthetic grass shall even be used as a protective cover in certain areas. Even when there’s heavy rain, synthetic grass will remain clean and free from mud. This makes it extremely useful for outdoor festivals or events.

Flawless Aesthetic Appeal:

When it comes to major events, aesthetics matters. There has to be a sense of consistency throughout the space and this could be easily achieved with the use of artificial grass. Unlike natural grass, artificial or synthetic grass will not be affected by elements such as weather conditions or pests. Additionally, maintenance is also easier. Synthetic grass will always look flawless as a well-maintained natural grass, regardless of any situation.


Synthetic grasses are highly versatile. They could be easily installed anywhere and instantly evoke the feeling of being close to nature. Homeowners usually use synthetic grass to surround their swimming pools or to recreate an outdoor scenery in patios. Several businesses have artificial grass installed in their premises as well. The synthetic grass installation cost in Sydney is reasonable as well.


After wrapping up the event, the cleaning staff has to perform their duty of collecting trash and removing fixtures or furniture. This could be an ordeal with the use of natural grass. You’d have to spend weeks to maintain and bring the grass back to form. This is why synthetic grass is used in events. They could be easily removed, and the cleaning process is minimal.

With all the benefits mentioned above, you should understand by now how synthetic grass works great at events. If you’d like to have them installed for an event you are organising, get in touch with reliable synthetic grass installers in Sydney today.

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