3 Useful Tips to Stop Reaching the Melting Point of Artificial Grass

Homeowners know that problems can occur when the turf reaches the melting point of artificial grass. Discolored and melted spots appear on their lawns, and they want to know how to prevent these turf damages. But before we discuss the solutions, let’s talk about what triggers the lawn to reach its melting temperature.

Factors That Trigger the Melting Temperature of Artificial Grass

Several factors trigger this damage like your polished gutter. This part of the roof re-emits heat coming from the sun and transmits it to your artificial grass. Another cause is the direct application of heat. Fire pits can cause your synthetic lawn to disintegrate because of sparks. Flame sparks can fly and fall onto your lawn. As a result, they shrivel up your turf.

Nonetheless, the main reason why your synthetic turf is melting is a Low-E window. This window uses a special coating that magnifies sunlight and creates a highly-concentrated heat. If this reflective heat touches your turf, it triggers the melting point of artificial grass, which disintegrates your lawn.

How to Stop This Turf Damage

Fortunately, you can avoid having a melted artificial grass. You just need to do the following tips:

    1. Assess Your Yard


Before you install your fake turf, you need to evaluate your yard first. You need to know where the reflections come from so that you can address the issue before your lawn reaches the melting point of artificial grass. You can seek the help of a professional because he knows what to do about this matter.

    1. Use Awnings


You can also use window awnings to prevent the window reflection from damaging your artificial grass. They obstruct the sunlight from hitting your windows, hence, reducing glare. Again, you need to get help from a professional because he has the right tools and knowledge to install the awnings.

    1. Use Window Film for Turf


We often apply window films for privacy and security. However, there are window films that offer not only privacy but also turf protection. Use this type of film for your windows, especially if you’re dealing with melted grass. This solution has anti-reflective properties that refract the light off. Additionally, it has holes that break the path of reflected sunlight.

You can enjoy these window screen features if you choose Turf Guard Window Film. To learn more about how our products can avoid reaching the melting point of artificial grass, go to our website today!

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