Are Sun Reflections Melting Turf in Phoenix, Arizona? Here’s What To Do

artificial grass window film Sun Glare Melts Turf Grass in Phoenix, AZ Even On Milder Days

It’s no surprise that Phoenix, AZ sees its share of hot, sunny days, but what is a surprise to many residents of Phoenix is that sun reflections off energy efficient windows can melt artificial turf grass on almost any day of the year. The melting point of fake grass is up near 200 degrees Fahrenheit, which is of course much hotter than even the warmest summer day in the desert, but sun reflections off low-e windows can become so concentrated that the beams can reach the melting point of turf grass even when it’s not a hot Phoenix summer day.

Window film for Artificial Grass

Protect Your Artificial Lawn in Phoenix with Turf Guard Window Film

Once fake grass is melted by sun reflections it can’t be restored; the damaged turf has to be removed and replaced, often necessitating the removal of much larger swaths of the fake lawn in order to maintain uniformity of appearance. If you have an artificial lawn and energy efficient windows in Phoenix, then you owe it to your turf grass to get Turf Guard Window Film to stop sun glare from melting that turf. This specialty window film refracts the sun’s rays in countless directions instead of letting it concentrate into a focused, hot beam. By sending light scattering, Turf Guard Window Film keeps the yard safe, not to mention other surfaces like vinyl siding, pools covers, and patio furniture.

window film stop artificial grass from melting

Turf Guard Window Film Does Not Reduce Energy Efficiency of Windows

Turf Guard Window Film is applied to the exterior of your windows and will not reduce how much UV or IR light the windows reject, so your home will still remain cooler and protected from sun damage, now simply with added protection against sun glare bouncing off the outside of the panes. And depending on which sun glare window film you choose, the coating can improve the appearance of your home or leave it totally unchanged.

window tint to protect artificial turf from melting

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