Are you ready for a do it yourself project?

Interested in sprucing up your front or back yard; but don’t want to shell out a fortune to licensed contractors in order to get it done? Ever thought to yourself, “You know what, I think I can do it myself!” May we suggest a few things before you take that leap? Its an excellent idea to do an installation yourself. Financially, you can save a ton of money on contractor costs and labor. One must keep in mind though all the things that come into play when considering installing artificial turf by yourself. This blog will name a few things one should consider when thinking, “Are you ready for a do it yourself project?”.

are you ready for a do it yourself project completed installation

are you ready for a do it yourself project installaing infill onto new artificial turf installationMany customers can see the benefits from installing artificial turf themselves. Benefits of do it yourself installations include how much one can save financially. Rather than paying for the materials, artificial grass, contractor and labor needed to install it; just focus on materials and turf. Many wonder what it may entail to install artificial turf on their own. This blog is meant to give ambitious homeowners an idea of they would need and what to be prepared for when taking on a do it yourself project.



  • Choosing the right product

are you ready for a do it yourself project seaming artificial turf for artificial turf installation and placing on base rockKnowing what you want can be difficult if you’re not sure what you’re looking for in terms of quality. You should ask yourself things like: What am I more concerned about, turf utility or  aesthetically pleasing turf? Do I want a product that is great for my dog and/or children to play on or something just to gaze upon? Finally, is this turf product right for me? In the end, its going to come down to personal preference. Some turf may have all the bells and whistles but if it isn’t the shade you are looking for or just not the right feel under your feet it could be a deal breaker.



are you ready for a do it yourself project digging out old dirt and turf for artificial turf installationDo it yourself projects can be super fun and rewarding. It is important to keep in mind how much physical work may be going into this project. For example, depending on the square footage, you will be tasked with removing hundreds of pounds of dirt and existing grass/turf before you can even start thinking about putting in the new stuff. Before that, you’ll be pouring in hundreds of pounds of base rock (decomposed granite) where you dug out all that dirt in order to have a foundation to lay your new turf upon. Basically, there is a long road of blood, sweat and tears (not really) before you, only after all that hard physical work is done will you be able to reap the rewards of careful planning and hard work.




  • Being a handy-man is a plus!

are you ready for a do it yourself project compactor artificial turf installation equipmentKnowing your way around a hammer and nail is one thing; knowing how to use a compactor, power-brush, and infill spreader is another! It is a definite plus if one knows their way around the materials and tools necessary for the job. Take a moment to do inventory on what tools you have and your knowledge of their uses. Not everyone will have a compactor sitting in their garage lying around. Its important to know where you can go to buy or rent the tool and equipment necessary for installing artificial turf. There are many tool renting businesses check your local listings!


are you ready for a do it yourself project turf enjoying installed turf

Ultimately your drive to improve your home and being realistic about it will be the key in completing such a project. Be realistic on what exactly you want and can accomplish on your own. And being ambitious, driven and confident on completing the project once you start! The job may be difficult and trying at times but, once finished you’ll appreciate all the hard work you put into it. After reading this blog, some research, acquiring tools and materials, planning and preparing yourself for the job… Are you ready for a do it yourself project?

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