With golf being such a popular sport and with most players getting hooked and taking it very seriously artificial grass is becoming more and more popular as a solution to the maintenance involved in ‘real grass’ putting greens.

There have been big steps forward in the creation of this much specialised artificial surface that mimics the real stuff and in corporate situations or even your own back yard this alternative should be considered as a very easy to maintain option,


  • Can be installed almost anywhere, indoors or outdoors
  • Can be used for pitching chipping and putting
  • Can be any cut to fit any shape or size
  • Is very flexible so it can fit flat or contoured surfaces
  • Has a low maintenance requirement – 2 hours a year!
  • Specially formulated to hold the ball like natural grass
  • Great for your own personal backyard putting green
  • Environmentally friendly as no need for fertilisers etc
  • Can cope with heavy usage with no loss of quality


  • Some types of artificial grass can look unnatural
  • You will need to carefully consider the type of grass/underlay you purchase as you may incur a water logging problem
  • Once you get used to a perfect surface you may find it hard to adapt to the real surfaces on your local golf course
  • Perhaps not so unpredictable as the changes that occur on natural putting greens.

So as you can see from the above there are many reasons why artificial putting greens are becoming more and more popular and also available to everyone from a small back yard green too a large corporate golf training course. It is also becoming a more economical solution as once laid there is very little maintenance required and very little additional costs to incur. 

Source by Tobias Savage

Artificial Putting Greens – Advantages & Disadvantages

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