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Although we love our pets unconditionally, most of us can’t deny that our pets are capable of wreaking havoc in our yards. From digging holes to tracking mud in the house, yards and pets spell nothing but trouble. If you want to enjoy having a green, grassy yard that still feels natural and comfortable for your pets, consider switching to artificial turf. There are many advantages to using artificial turf in your yard instead of natural grass.

Artificial turf is non-toxic and safe for your pets. The synthetic fibers used to make artificial turf are soft to the touch and maintain a green, immaculate appearance year round. In addition, artificial turf is highly durable. Its infill and backing are capable of withstanding rough play and digging.

Due to the superior drainage properties of artificial turf, pet urine drains right through it. Furthermore, excrement can be washed off the surface of artificial turf very easily with a hose and water. As such, you don’t have to worry about pet waste building up or causing foul odors. Artificial turf also reduces bacterial build up and thus prevents your yard from becoming a breeding ground for germs and illnesses.

Another benefit of using artificial turf instead of natural grass is that your yard won’t be infested with itchy little creatures that like to live in animal fur. Artificial turf cannot be inhabited by pests, so you’ll notice that your pet has fewer problems with pests by switching to artificial turf.

If you have a doggy door, your pet probably leaves muddy tracks in your home on rainy days. Having a lawn made of artificial turf is particularly beneficial if you have a doggy door because your pets can go in and out of the home without you having to worry about their muddy paws destroying the carpeting.

If you’re worried that your pet won’t grow accustomed to artificial turf, you’ll be glad to learn that the majority of pets treat it no differently than natural grass. Artificial turf offers the same opportunities for exercise, play, and fun that natural grass does, and many pets find artificial turf comfortable and pleasant. Moreover, if you switch to artificial turf, your pets can enjoy playing on the lawn at virtually any time. You won’t ever have to keep your pets off the lawn to mow, water or fertilize it, and there certainly won’t be any more muddy patches on the lawn to worry about on rainy days.


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