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It has been over two years since the idea of EcoLawn was conceived, and it has since grown into a healthy, thriving business. The road to get to where we are today has been full of learning, growing, fun times along with the trying times, and lots of surprises along the way!

It’s always extra special when we we find other young entrepreneurs in the green industry, having a similar experience of building a business here in Santa Barbara. We met a powerful team at Earth Day 2015, Marine Schumann and Jeremy Favier, founders of Brighten Solar. Brighten Solar is a Santa Barbara based solar company that provides solar electric solutions to homeowners and businesses interested in saving money on their electricity bills, take control of their power supply and help protect the environment. Brighten is making strides in bringing solar energy to the Central Coast and we are excited to show our support for their vision and mission!

Brighten founders Marine and Jeremy fell in love with Santa Barbara and relocated here after eight years of experience in the solar industry in France. They quickly noticed that even though Santa Barbara is known as one of the most eco-­friendly cities in the country, solar wasn’t implemented much. They did extensive research, met with local building owners and stakeholders such as architects, contractors and energy specialists, and identified the main obstacles to the implementation of solar in Santa Barbara.

Marine and Jeremy’s research propelled them to start a solar company that would be tailored to specifically address these obstacles. Since then, they’ve been designing and installing solar throughout Santa Barbara and its surroundings and sharing our passion for solar energy.

To learn more about Brighten Solar, visit their website:

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A few words from Brighten:

At Brighten Solar, we do solar differently. Solar suffers from lots of misconception. Because solar is a wonderful technology which also constitutes a very profitable investment, we believe that if people were more educated about solar, then they would massively switch to solar for their energy.

Brighten differs from other solar companies in various ways. Our approach is completely customer centric. Customer satisfaction is everything to us!

We understand that one solution doesn’t fit all. Brighten works on a project basis, we spend time with our customers to understand their motivations to go solar and provide them the solutions that make the most sense to them.

Education is at the core of our approach, we educate our clients and take time to answer any questions they may have. We help them curate their options and identify the best one for them: a happy customer is an informed customer.

We have a strong focus on aesthetics. Having worked on historic buildings and under very demanding aesthetic requirements in France, each one of our installations integrates an aesthetic dimension and is neatly built for a minimum visual impact.

We have an architect on our team as well as engineers, and we hold a general building license so we’re able to build any structure to support the panels.

Listen to what our customers says about their experience with Brighten:­A

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