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Why Artificial Grass for Dogs Is a Pet-Friendly Option

Why Artificial Grass for Dogs Is a Pet-Friendly Option Forty-four percent of households in Texas own at least one dog. Maintaining your yard and keeping it safe can be a hassle for dog owners. Artificial grass is an affordable option that many pet owners forget about. Read below to discover why you should invest in artificial grass for […]

SYNLawn Helps Make Shelter Dogs ‘More Adoptable’

SYNLawn’s donation of artificial pet grass at a Florida shelter helps transform the lives of dogs and increase pet adoption rates. PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. – In hope of creating a happier environment for dogs in need of forever homes, SYNLawn, the world’s long-standing powerhouse artificial grass manufacturer, and Miami-based distributor EasyGrass donated and installed […]

Keeping Your House Clean is Easy After Installing Artificial Turf for Your Dogs

For those of us with pets, we know all about how fur babies can track the outside straight onto our carpets and comforters. Natural lawns have a way of becoming oversaturated and muddy, and dogs tend to love tossing and rolling and jumping in puddles before they come back inside from doing their business. As […]

Artificial Grass for Dogs – Polyurethane Backing and Envirofill

It’s a common concern… “I want an artificial grass lawn but I’m worried my dogs will ruin it…” “Will dog pee ruin my artificial lawn…?” “My garden is a muddy mess but at least the dog can wee on it…” As synthetic grass increases in popularity the question of it’s suitability for dogs comes up […]

Artificial Turf For Dogs Has Many Benefits. Learn Them All!

Pet owners across the country are seeing the many benefits of installing artificial turf for dogs. What you might not realize is both you and your pet will see significant benefits by making the switch. Benefits of Artificial Turf for Dogs Some of the benefits you will experience include:• Your house will be cleaner because […]