How do I Choose the Right Artificial Grass Type?

There are thousands of different artificial grass type products on the market which could leave you baffled, confused and wondering how to decide. We are producing this handy guide so that you know what to look for in the product.

Artificial Grass Type- What is it used for?

For your artificial lawn, if it is going to be used for a heavy duty play area or on an area that is likely to have equipment on, e.g. temporary hot tub, table and chairs etc.… It may be better to use a shorter pile product or even a sports/play product (depending on the usage).


From (L-R) Play Green and Finesse Lite

Both Play Green and Finesse Lite are very popular products when it comes to a heavily used area. Although they do look very different so, we suppose it just depends on your preference. DO NOT use a longer pile height product for an area like this as it will run a risk of going flat. Areas that will be walked on frequently but not be used for a lot of activities, you will be able to use a product such as Eden or Vision Deluxe.

The Backing

All Lion Lawns artificial grass has a fully perforated backing which allows water to be effortlessly drained away. However not all operators in the industry offer this crucial part of installation. Make sure that the backing of the product is good quality, fully perforated, super strong and fairly dense.

What do you want it to look like?

Ultimately the decision is yours, we can give you as much guidance as we can but sometimes it does just come down to the look of the product. Lion Lawns are one of the few operators within the industry that can supply an all green product. Many landscape grasses out there you may see complete with a brown thatch however it is difficult to find a lush all green product on the market. But…. CHECK! Lion Lawns do just that!

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