How to install artificial grass on a slope

Artificial grass installed on a slope

We have previously provided you with a general guide to installing artificial grass. Here we will guide you through installing artificial grass on a slope.

It can be very difficult to maintain real grass on a slope for a number of reasons: It can be difficult to cut with your lawn mower and general watering, weeding, hollow coring, fertilizing and all the other treatment real grass needs can be equally tough.

On the other hand if artificial grass is laid correctly on a slope it offers up the ideal solution to your real grass maintenance woes. Here I will show you how to install artificial grass on a slope taken from a recent installation Perfect Grass did in Maidstone, Kent

The 10 easy to follow steps are:

To hold the grass firmly in place and to stop it from sliding down the slop we install 4″ x 2″ treated timbers along the top of bank. To keep these firmly in place we concrete them in.

3. Install timber around the perimiter

Having layed the hanging timbers we now place 3″ x 2″ timbers around the rest of the perimeter as we do for a regular installation. In this example we also used these timbers to create boxes around our shrubs.

4. Add an even level of Type1

Try to get an even distribution of 2-3 inches of Type 1 across the slope. Where the bank is very steep you will need to tamper it into the bank by hand. Not fun but worth it in the long run!

Apply approximately 1 inch of granite dust across the surface. We use a heavy piece of timber to bind the granite dust into place as no Wacker can be used.

Place the Membrane on top of the granite dust on a slope otherwise the aggregates will not bind to the bank and will simply slide down the hill.

7. Fit the artificial grass

Fit the artificail grass as normal. This isn’t easy when sliding down a bank!  My advice is to get the grass lined up and then heavily nail it into the fixing timber first so it won’t move.

Once our joins are stuck in place we nail them until the glue dries. This is important on a bank as the grass doesn’t always sit flat.

9. Heavily sand the grass

Once the grass is installed and nailed and tucked around the perimeter we sand it heavily to push the grass into the bank.

The final step in the process is to powerbrush the grass. A little maintenance will then be needed throughout the year to keep it in tip top condition.

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