How Long Will My Artificial Grass Last?


How Long Will My Artificial Grass Last? @heavenlygreensHave you been considering investing in the beauty of your home or business by getting artificial grass installed? You may be wondering how long artificial grass will last, and if there are certain brands that are more durable than others. This is a valid concern because artificial grass must look great and hold up for a long time.

Artificial grass has many benefits that homeowners must take into consideration. Affordability is a prime example of why homeowners choose it over natural grass. Once installed, artificial grass will retain its vibrant green look for many years. Companies will warranty their product for anywhere from 2 to 10 years, depending on the quality of the materials used and the reputation of the manufacturer. For areas where there is little foot traffic and general wear and tear, the warranty may extend as far as 25 years.


Expected Life Span of Artificial Grass

Most artificial turf manufacturers will warranty their products for a specific area of time. Homeowners must decide which company and warranty will best suit their needs. For example, if the area is to be renovated in the near future, then the artificial grass may be a temporary fix. If the area where the turf will get a lot more use on a permanent basis will require a higher quality, longer lasting artificial grass. 

The first thing a homeowner must consider is how the area where the artificial turf will be installed is going to be used, how much sun and water exposure it may receive, and if the grass will need to blend in with other natural plants and structures. The advantages of artificial grass is that it never needs cutting, weeding, or pest control. This means no harm from lawn equipment or chemicals. However, one must use care when placing artificial turf and grass near natural areas that may require this level of care. Areas that are heavily used will have a life expectancy of anywhere from 10 to 15 years. Those that will have little foot traffic and no exposure to pets or children, may be able to support artificial turf for up to 20 to 25 years. Ask yourself:

  • Will there be excessive amounts of heavy foot traffic?
  • Will the area be exposed to pets (digging, waste removal, etc.)?
  • Is the area going to be primarily for looks, such as in a landscaped garden with paths?
  • How much area is going to be converted to artificial turf?


Proper Installation of Artificial Grass

One of the key factors that influences how long an artificial lawn will last is whether or not it is properly installed. How the ground is prepared will have a big impact on how the fabric mesh used to create the backing will stand up to continued use over time. When proper techniques are used and the ground is smoothed enough to remove any ridges or valleys, the mesh will remain intact for longer periods of time and won’t be worn away from excessive use. 

Using the right infill material is also a factor. In larger areas, sand and crumb rubber work well to protect the blades and mesh, preventing them from being exposed to the elements. They also provide sufficient cushion and give the artificial turf a bouncy feel similar to that of natural grass. The cushion protects the hooks and pins that hold the mesh in place. When covered with the proper amount of infill, the pins are more likely to stay firmly in place without being pulled out when caught on lawn debris or yard waste.

Some of the more recent types of artificial grass no longer require crumb rubber, which can migrate away from areas. Ask about this when having it installed.


Quality Materials and Workmanship

The quality of the materials used will have a direct impact on how long an artificial grass lawn will last. Materials that are durable and well-made will withstand climate change as well as excessive use and wear and tear. The quality of the nylon fibers and mesh used in the construction of the artificial grass will dictate whether or not the blades fade with exposure to the sun or are unable to resist being matted or trampled down.

Another thing to consider when choosing to have artificial grass installed at your property, or when it’s time to replace it, is that the old materials will need to be recycled. Work with an eco-friendly manufacturer that provides options for this so that you are not harming the environment.

Before choosing a brand of artificial turf, it is always a good idea to check the reputation of the manufacturing company. A company that offers a guaranteed warranty of 20 years or more has confidence in the quality of the materials in their product and techniques they use to install it.

The affordability of artificial grass is partly because of its longevity. When the cost of the turf is divided up over the number of years the artificial grass will remain in place, the total amount becomes much easier to fit into the budget. This is also true when you figure in the minimal amount of money that will be needed for adequate maintenance.

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