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How Much Water Can Artificial Grass Save You?

How Much Water Can Artificial Grass Save You?

Unlike a natural grass lawn, a lawn that’s fake grass doesn’t need liters and liters of water to keep it looking green and vibrant. Not only will synthetic turf save on your water bill, it also helps ease strain on the environment by not wasting this precious natural resource on your lawn.

Climate Conditions

The climate in some cities can be very harsh and dry. Most of the landmass is taken up by deserts, and they may have the low rainfall. This makes the idea of diverting so much water right into the ground both environmentally careless and extremely expensive. Water is a very precious commodity in such places, much more so than other regions in the world. With an artificial lawn, residents will know they’re making the hardiest and most cost-effective choice for the unique weather. Fake grass will stand up to oftentimes severe climate conditions better than real grass ever could.

Always Green

Regardless of this year’s rainfall or what season it is, with synthetic grass homeowners will always have a lovely lawn. Natural grass will turn brown and ugly if there’s a drought, while fake grass will stay green and vibrant. Residents can be sure that they’ll never have to worry about the external appearance of their synthetic turf.

No Risk of Over-Watering

Natural lawns need constant care and maintenance, and many of them are actually over-watered. Much of the water used for maintaining a lawn is actually lost to evaporation; not all of it is really being utilized. Instead, the synthetic variety doesn’t require water for growth, so there’s no risk of overwatering due to unadjusted sprinklers and timers.

Paying for Itself

Some estimates suggest that watering a lawn accounts for over half the average total household water usage. By switching to artificial grass, households can drastically cut their water usage per home. One look at your next water bill total and it’s easy to see how by putting in an artificial lawn homeowners like you can really save a bundle, both in terms of resources used and in terms of household budget. In fact, once the numbers are added up in terms of money saved, it doesn’t take very long at all for synthetic turf to pay for itself.

Extra Benefits

In addition to the environmental gains to be had by watering the lawn less and saving water, an artificial lawn can bring other environmental benefits as well. For example, the rubber filler which is used under the synthetic turf to give it volume and cushion is often formed from recycled tires. This helps keep more refuse out of the landfills, besides making your artificial lawn even softer and safer for little ones than real grass growing out of hard-packed earth.

Saving in Many Ways

By installing synthetic grass, homeowners see many savings. It cuts water bill costs and maintenance requirements typically associated with natural lawns. They’ll also be saving hundreds of liters of water being wasted keeping real grass lawns green, while fake grass looks lush year-round, with zero water usage. Choosing synthetic turf saves water, saves on the water bill, and helps to save the environment as well.



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