Making a putting green in your back garden? Here is how to do it

Got a sizable back garden and a love for golf? Why not combine the two and create your own private putting green from the luxury of your own home. Instead of travelling out to practice your swing, there are a number of great options for those who to turn their garden into their very own private golfing escape.

Make the most of your space

Depending on how much space you have available depends on how ambitious you should set your expectations. Even if you only have a small area to work with, you should not be put off. Whether you have a whole garden to work with or just a small section, you can still get fantastic results to keep your inner golfer happy.

Finding inspiration

There are some great ideas out there for creating golfing areas in your garden. For visual inspiration, check out Pinterest.

What you need

To make your own putting green you will need:


  • 2 layers of weed membrane, preferably Type 1
  • Turf cutter or shovel
  • Rake or wicker plate or roller
  • Sharp sand
  • Artificial grass to cover area required
  • Glue to join seams
  • Stanley knife
  • Putting green hole cups

The amount of materials you will need will depend on the size of the area required.

How much will it cost?

Specific costs of materials will vary a lot depending on how much space you are looking to fill. Though natural grass may seem cheaper initially, artificial grass is often the preferred terrain for these kinds of areas as they are incredibly hardy and weather resistant, meaning they will look great no matter how many times you play. We have a range of artificial grass varieties with prices ranging from between £14.95 to £23.50 per Meters 2. Visit individual product pages to find specific details. You may have many of the above materials around the house which will mean that creating own putting green may be cheaper than you think.


We do also offer artificial grass installation so if you would like us to do the hard work for you, we are on hand to help.

How long will it take?

If you are looking to convert a smaller garden to a putting green, full transformation may take as little as a day to complete. Creating level ground for the artificial grass before installation may take a little time for more challenging gardens and larger garden installations may take a few days longer.

How to create your own garden mini golfing area

1. Create your installation plans

Before you start work, make plans so you can get the most of your space. How many holes do you want? Where will you tee off from? Make sure you have answers for these questions before you get start any of the next steps.

2. Create space for installation.

Clear your work area before you start your installation. It will make it easier to remove any plants or vegetation prior to the next steps

3. Install artificial grass

See here for a step by step guide to installing artificial grass with images.


Note: please see step 4 before following guide.

4. Add golfing holes

Before you lay the artificial grass, dig a small hole for your putting green hole cups and place the cups in them. You can secure these with cement if you want them extra securely placed. Once grass has been installed, cut out a hole around the cups.

Finishing up


Once you have finished creating your perfect mini golf range, decorate the area with rocks or tiles to elevate the pitches appearance and make the area more distinctive. For larger gardens you could even consider adding a sandy bunker to make things even more challenging.


If you need any more advice of artificial grass installation or would like our help creating your own garden golfing paradise, contact us today.

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