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The Olympics is well known across the world, as every four years only the best athletes from each country compete against each other, with the same goal – to take home an Olympic medal.

The Olympics became established in Greece in the 8th century BC; a long time ago! It was in 1894 that the International Olympic Committee became formed, and even though more events such as the Winter Olympics, Paralympic Games and Youth Olympic Games have been added, the importance and support behind the Olympics has stayed the same throughout the years.

The Olympics continues to go from strength to strength and today, nearly every nation is represented. One main tradition is that the Olympic Games is held at a different country every four years, which allows the hosting country to show off their city to the rest of the world.

This year, the Olympics is held for the first time in a South American city – Rio, Brazil.

The opening ceremony begins, 5th August all through to the closing ceremony, 21st August. Throughout these dates, 306 events will take place among 28 sports.

With the Olympics being a world known event, the hosts need to make sure that the venue exceeds expectations, this includes making sure the athletes and everybody attending the event are beyond satisfied with the venue.

Artificial grass has become a necessity for many venues throughout the years, mostly due to its reliability and attractiveness.

London 2012 Olympics asked Nomow to surface the hospitality facilities as the dry weather had made real grass look unattractive. They also chose to use artificial grass as a surface for Field Hockey throughout the games, and it looks as though Rio will follow their lead as they have created an artificial surface for the sport to be played on.

We hope you enjoy the Olympics this month, and remember, if you are looking to make your outdoor space more friendly to the eye, then give Nomow a call!


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