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Artificial Grass for Dogs

Artificial turf as most would call Fake Grass is becoming increasingly popular for the average home owner with pets, especially dogs. It demands a reduction in lawn maintenance, requires no water and can be enjoyable year round. How Safe is Artificial Grass? Great news is that artificial lawns are safe for pets and a lot more resilient that […]

Say Goodbye To Pesky Allergies!

There are approximately 50 million Americans that suffer from allergies. Grass allergy happens to be one of the most common of pollen allergies, making it difficult for those affected to simply enjoy the comfort of their own yards. Artificial grass is a great option for those who suffer from grass allergies but want to enjoy […]

How a Synthetic Turf Helps Protect Athletes

In 2012, 1,353,750 children under age 19 visited an emergency room for a sports injury. 1 in 3 was injured seriously enough to miss practices or games, and some suffer life-long consequences. 75% of children surveyed responded they rely on their coaches to keep them safe. With millions of athletes participating in sports every year, […]

The Science is in — EPA, End the Debate on Turf Safety

The Environmental Protection Agency has been tweaking what it bills a comprehensive investigation of synthetic turf fields and playground infill containing recycled rubber. The initiative launched in February 2016 in response to unfounded claims about potential health risks. Today we’re still waiting on the agency — to either develop a credible study or accept the […]

The Safety of Synthetic Sports Field Turf

The first iterations of artificial turf were invented in 1964, and was taken to new heights after it was installed at the Houston Astrodome in 1966. In the early days of the industry, synthetic turf saved facilities money and time. More than 50 years later, artificial turf has evolved exponentially. Not only does it look […]