5 Assumptions About Your First Artificial Grass Installation You Shouldn’t Make

If you’ve never attempted an artificial grass installation before, you most likely have a lot of thoughts spinning in your head. You might worry that it won’t look like your old lawn, or you might be hesitant to begin without finding hired help. Whatever you’re expecting from your first artificial grass installation, here are 5 assumptions you should be careful of making.

Assumption #1: You’ll need a professional team to do the job.

An artificial grass installation is actually easy to perform without professional help. Although the pros will likely have the experience to get it done quickly and efficiently, you shouldn’t dismiss how simple (and rewarding) doing it yourself might be. Be sure to follow all the instructions and have the right gear for the job, and have faith in yourself and your abilities! You’ll end up with a synthetic lawn that looks just the way you imagined.

Assumption #2: You need to wait for dry weather to begin.

Landscaping projects aren’t easy to do in the pouring rain. Mistakes can be made more easily when it’s slippery — and not to mention the mud. But you can install artificial turf all year round. In fact, the only requirement you need is to perform your artificial grass installation at 50 degrees Fahrenheit or above. However, if your installation space is wet, you may need to place crushed stone and Geotextiles over the area before starting your project.

Assumption #3: You just roll out your lawn and you’re done.

Artificial grass may arrive on your doorstep in large rolls, but installing it is a bit more involved. For starters, you’ll need to cut your grass to fit the unique shape of your lawn. You’ll also need to fasten it to the dirt, so it doesn’t get bunched up around high-traffic areas. Lastly, you’ll want to cover it with infill to add cushioning and enhance the appearance of your fake grass. The installation process isn’t quite as simple as unrolling the grass, but with the right tools you can still complete it in a few days.

Assumption #4: An artificial grass installation is as easy as it looks.

You’d be forgiven for thinking your first artificial grass installation will end up looking like the ones you’ve seen — flat, smooth, and perfect. But the truth is that while it’s relatively easy to lay out your own fake grass lawn, you need to be careful. You want to approach the job with the same care you’d attribute to any landscaping job.

Of course, the final product will look as authentic and healthy as the most perfect real-grass lawn, but it takes careful work to get there. Perform your installation with patience and preparedness, and you’ll receive a lawn that’ll last for years and years.


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