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How Much does Artificial Turf Cost

Artificial grass is going more and more popular. We get several inquiries every day. The most frequently asked question is the cost of artificial grass. To find the exact cost, you’d better call us directly or leave message from the contact page. Most visitors who come across this page are out of China and plan […]

Why You Shouldn’t Opt for the Cheapest Artificial Grass Product

We know that we are not the only artificial grass suppliers out there. You could spend hours trawling though the internet searching brands that claim they have the best artificial grass. But do you know exactly what type of artificial grass you want? Before you choose simply the cheapest artificial grass we think you should […]

Artificial Grass Cost: Fake Turf Installation Prices Guide

One of the most frequently asked questions is, “How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost to Install?” This is probably our second most popular question we get asked every day. Due to popular demand, we thought it would be a good idea to address this question here in full detail: For this exercise, let’s assume we are […]